We Survived Hersheypark (Almost) Intact!

Remember how Team Stimey was headed to Hersheypark over the weekend? Well, we went and we survived and we only had one choking incident and one injury that resulted in facial scarring.

For Team Stimey, that’s almost like a perfect vacation.

I took a gajillion photos and have a ton of stories to tell you, but I am tiiiiiiired tonight, so I’ll put that off until tomorrow.

Tonight I’ll give you this photo of Mouse, who made me happy by actually using the exercise wheel in his cage, but who did it all kinds of wrong.

Even my gerbils march to the beat of their own drummers.

He did this for a really long time. It was hilarious.

Until tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “We Survived Hersheypark (Almost) Intact!

  1. If you’d shot it from the other side, I could have “sexed” Mouse for you! That proves you ARE tired. Can’t wait to hear more about Hersheypark outing and look forward to more gerbil photos. Pets are great when they are someone else’s!

  2. Facial scarring! Choking! I can’t wait!

    We had a facial scarring incident at our house too. Unfortunately it was my face.

  3. Well, I guess he’s still getting exercise. I am always happy to see the gerbils. Too much serious in my world, not enough rodent folies. Thanks. :)

  4. We spent Pearl’s 3rd birthday at Hershey Park, and had a great day. I am finding it hard to believe that was nearly eight years ago. (Plus it’s two years since we came to visit *you*!). Time flies, huh?

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