And in Quinn News…

* After school, Quinn told me that he’d taken a roll of toilet paper to school with him today because the school’s supply was “like sandpaper.” Evidently I have to pay more attention to what that boy is doing in the morning.

* In related news, Quinn won the “Funny Bone Award” in his classroom for “for making everyone smile.”

* Quinn has been complaining lately that his dreams are just “random” and don’t have a story.

* I spent the entire day in Quinn’s class on Tuesday as six different second grade classrooms rotated through different stations, one of which I headed up as the “mad scientist” in charge of leading the kiddos through the creation of dinosaur toothpaste.

I had been worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull off the “mad” part of “mad scientist,” so I decided to dazzle the kids with scientific illustrations that I produced.

See? Scientific.

See? Scientific.

If the science in that illustration confuses you, perhaps the Facebook status I posted Monday night will help explain things:

"I get to play mad scientist for the second graders at Quinn's school tomorrow. We're making dino toothpaste. Tyrone the T-Rex's strong, brushed teeth aren't going to bode well for Melvin the Micropachycephalosaurus. I wonder if this will be better or worse than the time I introduced the concept of prisoners of war and the firebombing of Dresden to these same second graders. There is a reason I am not a teacher.

Are we clear now?

Basically I just yelled things really loud.



It was a lot of fun. Also, I went to bed last night at 9 pm because I was so exhausted. Teachers, you have my respect.

* Quinn ate part of a peanut butter and jam sandwich on Tuesday. This is more groundbreaking than it sounds.

* I’ve taken to looking at Quinn and saying, “You know what I love? Your face.” He tends to blink his eyes rapidly in response and then say, “Hi.”

* I think Quinn is pretty cool.

12 thoughts on “And in Quinn News…

  1. These are all good, but the toilet paper takes the cake. I just imagine him with that smile and smuggling it in under his shirt! I sooo get where he’s coming from, though. Quinn is cool…and is quite a character!

  2. Love me some Q, and it is no surprise that I am just one of many who do. Because of his uniqueness, I suspect we haven’t seen the last of these updates. Yippee for that!

  3. Quinn is awesome. And Andy actually ate part of a peanut butter sandwich this week, too. Big stuff!!! Maybe we should get the guys together and have a Minecraft/Yellow Shirt/Peanut Butter party!

  4. Hey, remember 4 or 6 or 12 posts ago when you asked if the end of the school year was busy for others? Yeah. I thought once we were finally done, I’d have more time to comment. But instead I have people in my face asking me questions/telling me very important things/scripting/scripting/scripting.

    But I wanted to pop in and say I think Quinn is cool, too. I don’t know of too many kids who would bring their own TP to school.

  5. I love your kids, especially all of them. I dont’ think Quinn is Aspergers, but he has that texture sensitivity.. Back blogging from a horribel weiters’ network experience. My husband has cancer. Blogging is the place to be for that. The writng group was mean and competititve.

    • We used 10mL of hydrogen peroxide in a graduated cylinder. Kids mixed in food coloring then a spoonful of dish soap. They then mixed a tbsp of active yeast with warm water, then poured the yeast mixture into the cylinder. Voila! Dinosaur toothpaste!

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