Call for Ideas

Hellos! I am bereft of good topics to write about. Is there anything any of you all want to know? Anywhere you’d like Algernon to go? Something you’d like the gerbils to be photographed with?

In lieu of that, I will point you over to White Knuckle Parenting. I’m closing up Chocolate Week with a post there comparing the success of our trip to Hershey with the birthday parties it replaced.

I’ll also give you this great photo of Sam’s to-do list for our weekend away:

"Sam's to -do list: * get hershey bar * Be nice * Devour chocolate * have fun * Be mad at mom for making me go on a roller coaster

“Sam’s to -do list:
* get hershey bar
* Be nice
* Devour chocolate
* have fun
* Be mad at mom for making me go on a roller coaster”

It turns out that Sam is a little bit of a smart ass. Where do you suppose that came from?*


*Alex. It came from Alex.

9 thoughts on “Call for Ideas

  1. You have three growing boys, and you think you are out of topics? Are you INSANE? You have autism topics, you have sib topics, you have brotherly “love” topics, you have very-handsome-boys topics… you know, maybe we need to get together again and go adventuring. Just to remind you of all the awesomeness you have to share with us all.

  2. Your daily life with the very interesting boys is subject enough to keep your dear readers amused. Your descriptive way of telling us about them is always sure to bring a smile. As long as they let you, carry on!

  3. I would be happy if you posted nothing but pictures of the gerbils doing ridiculous things. Like “here’s a gerbil in the refrigerator. Here’s a gerbil wearing a hat. Here’s a gerbil having a tea party.” Yes, I am very excited by this. MORE GERBIL PICTURES.

    • You are going to like the video that Quinn shot yesterday then. I will post it soon.

  4. Hmm ok ‘I am bereft of good topics to write about.’ This is rather surprising!
    Perhaps, blog about your family’s summer. School is out when – June 14th?
    Also, the comments above seem helpful.
    I wouldn’t go to India; however that is entirely up to you. It just doesn’t interest me, and frankly India doesn’t have great press these days. I am not judging; just saying that India seems to have some issues. Like other countries. Oh, I better shut up now.
    I won’t comment again.

    • Hi there,
      I should also mention that I am not much of a traveler, and some of your friends are. I didn’t meant to sound so negative!
      My idea of a fun vacation is a one day workshop at Smithsonian Associates, like a virtual tour of the art and architecture of Renaissance Florence.
      And yes, a tour of various regions of India, via slides & narrative, would be excellent!

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