Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Well. Maybe THAT Is Why Quinn Never Wants to Leave the House.

I don’t know if it’s like this in your family, but in my family, every generation seems to have its klutz. I’m not going to call any of my relatives out here, but I think they all know who I’m talking about. I would like to tell the current generation to rest easy, because I do believe we have found this generation’s Stimey family klutz.

Klutz, thy name is Quinn.

You might remember Quinn’s trip to the pavement when my family went to Hersheypark. If you don’t remember, here is Quinn’s version of it from his school journal:

“Over the weekend I [went] to Hershey, Pennsylvania and while we were there, we went to Hersheypark and after about 2 minutes I fell face first on the concrete parking lot of Hershey.”

And that is everything that he wrote about our trip to Hersheypark.
Could that BE sadder?
Quinn’s facial injuries have healed and, even though he counts and ranks his boo boos (“That was the worst boo boo I got this month!” or “I have gotten hurt three times today!” or “I always get hurt in parking lots; I never want to go to a parking lot again!”), he had been pretty much injury-free for a while.
Cue ominous music.
Team Stimey decided to go out to the park on Sunday. What could possibly happen there?

*ominous music gets louder*

I think you can guess what happened here. My kids love this thing. Alex was spinning them on it. Quinn kept flying off and landing on his feet and laughing hysterically. Then…

Like I said, I think you can imagine what happened next, but I thought maybe your imagination would like to kick back and relax, so I made some illustrations for you. I’ve also included my thoughts as to what might have gone through Quinn’s mind as this was happening, although it is probably more likely that the thing that was going through his head was, “My parents are the worst! My parents are the worst! My parents are the worst!”

“WHHHEEEE!!!!!!! Spinning with one hand is exhilarating!!!!!”
“Uh oh. Spinning with no hands is scary.”
Yeah. That’s about right.

It’s way worse in person. Thank God he heals well.

Quinn wins. I’m never going to make him leave the safety of the chair right in front of the computer and his Minecraft game ever again.

Although, I’ll be honest, he’s fallen off of chairs before.


This episode led me to write a post for White Knuckle Parenting called…wait for it…Parenting is Hard. Captain Obvious says you’re welcome.


Quinn has also been blogging from the safety of his Minecraft Chair.

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