Back to School Photos, Now With 30% More Cats

My kids all had good first days of school. It all went so much more smoothly than I could ever have possibly hoped.

I have spent the entire evening filling out emergency contact forms for three children, at least one of which I’m sure I’m sending back to the wrong school (the form, not the child), so I’m done writing for the evening. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be a good parent blogger unless I posted these photos of my children.


Kittens make getting up at 6:30 to get to middle school tolerable.


Quinn was totally chill about going to school, which was a huge relief. He even came home happy, which was a huger relief. His only eccentricities today were that he insisted on wearing his backpack as a shield and wouldn’t let me take a picture.


Jack and I get a lot of morning time together because his bus comes way after everyone else’s. I really like that time.

I love it when I hope for the best and prepare for the worst and I never have to use my preparations. Day One down. Onward to Day Two.

5 thoughts on “Back to School Photos, Now With 30% More Cats

  1. Congrats! It’s always awesome when you don’t have to shift to the “prepared” mode.

  2. Glad you had good first days. I think the kittens helped. So does this mean you have to get kittens every fall?

  3. Could it be . . . could it just possibly be that your boys are growing older and more confident and that’s why Day One (or at least the morning of day 1) worked out so well ?

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