Firsts From the First Day of Travel

Team Stimey headed to Wisconsin this week for family vacation. I am counting the day and a half it took us to drive here as our first day because if I believed that I spent TWO days of my vacation trapped in a car with these people (aka, my family) I would feel more tired than if I had just spent one day in that situation.

They are Nintendo (semi) enthused.

They were Nintendo (semi) enthused.

Also, we left Maryland at 6:45 pm yesterday, so that barely counts as a day. Which brings me to our….

First fuck-up: We stop at a McDonald’s a half mile from our house to buy dinner for our children. Alex announces that he has forgotten his wallet and we return home to look for it. Turns out that it was in the car all along.

First night: We spend our first night on the road in a hotel sandwiched between the Cleveland airport and a building that is actively being bulldozed at one in the morning.

First blood: We made it until a french fry stop at noon today before anyone emitted unexpected bodily fluids. Jack cut his knee on a “HOME OF THE WHOPPER” sign in front of the Burger King at a rest stop in Ohio. We still don’t know which letter on the sign was the offender. My money is on the “W.”

First kerfuffle: Despite having been a couple for nearly 20 years, Alex and I didn’t discover until this morning that our rules for playing the Alphabet Game are radically different. I’m not going to tell you which one of us has the ridiculous rule that you can’t use more than one letter from the same sign and that you can’t use letters off of trucks. I will, however, tell you that that person was WRONG.

First near-death experience: There was torrential rain all throughout our drive today—like, vision-eradicating torrential. It was quite a thing.

Algernon got the best seat in the house.

Algernon got the best seat in the house.

First miracle: NO ONE PUKED IN THE CAR.

First destination: Milwaukee! We are tired. We are grumpy. We are ready to be farther than four feet away from each other. We can’t wait to get started on our vacation!

22 thoughts on “Firsts From the First Day of Travel

  1. You’re going to be really freaking close to me and you didn’t even tell me? Not that it matters since we’re about to head out for a road trip as well … in the opposite direction.

  2. Vacation and Wisconsin used in the same sentence. Huh. I guess it depends on where you live full time. {kidding. I’m from there. That’s my own issues talking. Have fun.}

  3. The first kerfuffle…you crack me up. Yup…I’m looking forward to hitting the road at the end of the month. Yup…sure am. :)

  4. Wow… that sounds remarkably successful. Congratulations! And have a great vacation.
    What *does* one do on vacation in Wisconsin? Please excuse my ignorance… there are lakes there, right? is it a popular destination? I will look forward to further educational installments of this adventure! :-D

  5. We’ve had too many road trips involving in-car puke and near disasterous pit stops (including arriving at a motel at midnight, in the rain, on my own, with two very small ASD children, terminally drowning my mobile phone in a bag of milk and watching our youngest make his escape across a busy carpark towards a main road). We now fly instead. Two days crammed together in a car or two hours in a plane. No contest.

    • I hear you. Parts of Team Stimey are plane pukers, so that’s kind of a drag. We figure that the road trip is kind of its own kind of adventure. That midnight hotel arrival is brutal though.

  6. Will you be in Milwaukee long? We are headed to the northern Michigan later today. I will wave to you from across Lake Michigan.

    BTW, the Wisconsin Dells also has Duck amphibious vehicle tours. It could be the summer of riding trucks into the water.

    Have a great vacation.

  7. Do you have plans to go to a water skiing show? If not, you should make some!

    I was in Wisconsin in June for work and was advised I had to see a water skiing show while there and it was quite impressive. I imagine they are even more impressive by now since the announcer spent the whole show apologizing that they were very early in the season and their tricks weren’t up to their usual grandeur yet.

  8. Haha, I’m also from Pennsylvania and I’m driving to Wisconsin tomorrow! I’m going to Madison, though.

  9. Wisconsin! Where I live! If you are ever in Madison on a Saturday during the summer, you must go to the Farmer’s Market around the capitol. It is legendary.

    If you can’t use letters off of trucks, how would you ever finish the alphabet?

    • Alex’s aunt and uncle are going to that very farmer’s market tomorrow! I’ve heard good things about it.

      And THANK YOU about the trucks. EXACTLY.

  10. Of course you can use trucks! And more than one letter from a sign! That is part of the challenge, being able to spot multiple letters while whizzing by at 65mph!

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