Kitten #3

You will all be happy to know that the acquisition of Quinn’s kitten went smoothly today. THANK GOD. He was ecstatic when he found her after school. It was probably the peak of my parenting career. After all, how many opportunities do you have to present your child with a beloved and adorable baby animal?

There have been many names floated about for this animal: Fluffy, Mittens, Mustachio (yes, really; you’ll see why in a minute), and Fireball, but it looks as if Oreo is the name that might stick. Quinn has to make a final decision by tomorrow morning.

What do you think?

This cat is also ridiculously hard to photograph. Why couldn't someone pick out an orange cat for the love of God?

This cat is also ridiculously hard to photograph. Why couldn’t someone just pick out an orange cat?

And, yes, the mustache. Oh, God, the mustache. I die of cuteness a little each time I see it.

27 thoughts on “Kitten #3

  1. We got a kitten in May, also w/ a mustache. We named him Flynn Mustachio. Someone told me it makes him sound like an international kitten of intrigue… Flynn and Oreo sound like a good match, though you’d best be avoiding breeding any more animals these days!

    • God, yes. Let’s just avoid the word “breeding” completely. :) I enjoy your use of the phrase “international kitten of intrigue.”

  2. #Panda :)

    Or, again, Marble. You can purchase (?) marble blocks for Minecraft. I can’t believe I actually looked that up.

      • YW.
        I promise, I only spent like 2-5 minutes researching this, by googling Minecraft marble.

        Apparently, marble can be a ‘mod’, and it has to BE in the area wherein there are igneous rocks or something. You don’t want marble as a decoration, I suppose. :)

        On another positive note, I’ve heard that Minecraft is considered to be an educational game. I can’t provide facts to back that up; however it makes sense.

        Now, going back to reading text-based news.

  3. Also, the kitten should be named “Steve”.
    I SO need employment. I’m actually learning about Minecraft!

  4. My first thought was “Charlie” for Chaplin… funnily enough, our family cat was Charlie too. She didn’t have a moustache though. Yes, Charlie was a she… whoever bought the cats was *meant* to make sure they weren’t females. Oops. Mine was Tommy, my sister’s was Charlie. Tommy suffered an early demise but Charlie lived for many years.
    Groucho is also perfect :-)

  5. I think he has to have a name that reflects that beautiful mustache. So mustachio sounds OK to me. But the Marx brothers would be amazing if you could get all three boys to agree on Larry, Mo, or Curly for the other two and name this little guy Groucho.

  6. I can’t see the pic cause I’m blind, but I sure imagine the kitten is lovely. I and my husband got one on the same day Quinn got Oreo. Ours is named Harry.

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