Points of Light

Regardless of my mood, I always know that I have a lot of good things in my life. Chief among these good things are always my…cat and stuffed mouse.

Starfire sleeping with her paw around AlgernonI kid. The things that always make me happier than anything are my munchkins. They are sources of a lot of frustration and annoyance and anger, but oh my God, they are awesome.

They are sweet and funny and creative and they make me want to be a happy person for them. They’re pretty cool.

They make me laugh…

Jack lying on the ice at hockey practice

Sure, Jack could just skate around like all the other kids, but where would be the fun in that?

My kids are unequivocally their own unique individuals. I love that about them. And I love that they are learning to love that about themselves.

They make me proud…

Sam helping Quinn with his homework while Jack plays with his cats in the background

The other day, Quinn didn’t want to do his math and didn’t want me to help him. Without being asked, Sam came over and patiently explained the methodology to him. Quinn picked up his pencil and immediately started working.

I always said that my goal with my kids was to make them a team. I didn’t care if they stood united even against me—as long as they stood united. They’re getting there. On both counts. And I love them for it.

They make me full of love…

Quinn playing iPad while hugging Oreo.

Displays of their open willingness to love happen all the time. Sometimes that love is overwhelming. Especially if you’re a kitten. (Although that kitten is less trapped than she looks.)

No matter how old they get, how grown up they seem, they are still gentle souls who can be turned into goo by a kitten. That turns me to goo too. My kids hold a tremendous amount of love in their hearts. I adore that about them.

They’re good kids. They make me happy even when I’m not happy, if that makes sense. I’m very lucky to have them.

8 thoughts on “Points of Light

  1. If they’re anything like me, they will keep that “childish” wonder and that gentleness in their souls forever and it’s awesome! I’m often told I need to toughen up and become less naive because I need to protect myself from people who may do me harm… but I don’t want to lose that child in me. The cost is too high. I’ve tried cynicism in my twenties and it numbed me, so no more. I’ll be naive and get taken advantage of on some occasions (but definitely not always, because most people are pretty nice), so that I can still revel in kittens and pine tree cones and new shiny pennies and seashells and playing with shadows on the wall. :)

  2. OMG, you put Algernon, kittens and your unreserved love and fierce maternal pride of/in your kids in ONE post and you expect me not to cry. If I didn’t love you so much, I might hate you for that. But…love wins. xoxo

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