Wednesday, September 11, 2013


You guys are my favorite.
I am ready.
Thank you to each and every one of you for your pep talks and your love and for getting it. You helped me walk through the worst of my pre-race anxiety. Yes, I still have anxiety, but c’mon, I’m racing Reach the Beach. I think it is warranted.
I am ready now.
I am in my right headspace.
I am in this motherfucker.
Next time you see me, I’ll be reaching the beach.
My team is going to rock this relay.


I would like you to entertain me on my Thursday travel day by giving me your guesses as to what our team name stands for. I didn’t name the team, so you can’t make an assumption that it is Team Motherfucking Long-ass Course. Someone with some decorum named the team. That doesn’t mean you have to have decorum though. Give me your best guess.

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