Kids in the Grass

My kids like doing a lot of things that I think seem less fun than beating myself over the head with a brick. I could make a list, but the thing that has been in front of my mind lately is this:

Quinn and Jack wrestling on a grassy hillThey wrestle all the time. ALL THE TIME. At home they will retire to Jack and Quinn’s bedroom and wrestle and throw things at each other. Or they will go to the basement and I will hear nothing but thumps and thuds and the occasional scream. Then, when Sam has soccer practices, Jack and Quinn will hurl each other to the ground and sit on each other and mash their faces into the grass and generally do all kinds of horrible things to each other, all while laughing hysterically. Bonus if there is a hill, so gravity can play a part.

I don’t get it.

Maybe that is because when I was a kid, my sister and her friends would wrestle me to the ground in a less even matching of skills. One memorable day, they tied me up in a vacuum cleaner cord, then dragged me up the stairs and threw me out on the back porch. In front of my mom. Who laughed.

Wrestling: not really my thing.

Regardless of my personal scars, it makes me so happy to watch them play this way. They end up in tears far less often than you would think and giggle and get more exercise than when they do almost anything else.

Sometimes I wonder what people think when they see them rolling around on the ground screaming and sitting on each others’ faces and stuff. Although probably people just ignore all of us except when they roll into someone. Which does happen occasionally.

The point of this whole post (other than to exercise my typing fingers) is so that next time my kids can’t seem to get along for more than 15 seconds and they’re all screaming at each other and I’m hiding from them under a blanket on the couch, I can look back at this and remember how much my kids love each other, how much they like each other, and how much fun they can have with just a patch of grass and their muscles.

14 thoughts on “Kids in the Grass

  1. There’s probably lots of good sensory stuff in wresting. It makes me anxious just to hear about it but hooray for them for doing it and enjoying it and (so far) not having major injuries.

    • I’m pretty sure that by me writing this post and you leaving this comment, someone will snap an arm or a leg within the next week.


      • I didn’t plan to comment on this post, except then I read that comment and thought:
        A. That won’t happen! and
        B. If it does, you know you can contact me for a referral.
        True story: The last time I visited the excellent ortho surgeon’s office, there were two adorable kids with matching arm casts. Thank goodness, it wasn’t a wrestling injury. It was football or something. :)
        I don’t feel good about posting this; still, I shall….

  2. I think what would make wrestling scary for me is that some kids didn’t play by the rules. They’d cheat in order to win. When wrestling wasn’t really supposed to be about winning: it was great when your strengths were well matched. I wrestled with my younger brothers a lot and with one or two boys in my class. But never with girls. Because I didn’t trust them to play by the rules.

  3. Thank you for giving me permission to sit back with my coffee when S&J are yelling and piled on top of one another. Seriously. Some part of my brain knows this is typical boy/brother behavior (yay for typical) but my anxiety ramps up and it’s all I can do to not put them in separate rooms. (Look at me with my own sensory issues!) I love that your boys love each other like this (oh alright, I love mine for it too :)

  4. I doubt if people ever notice them! If I saw them, I would just think they are being typical boys. I grew up with four brothers, and I have two sons, so it sounds perfectly normal to me. I would just look at them and smile. Glad to see them doing normal, healthy playing, not just watching TV or playing with something electronic!

  5. Love that they play like this. RDT commented more than once while we were there last about how well they get along. (And your mother does not remember laughing at your misfortune. I am sure she wouldn’t have done that.)

  6. My boys are exactly like this. I don’t get the constant need for wrestling, either.. But it must be in that Y chromosome. I am so glad that I am not alone…I am waiting for a melee to break out one day. It’s like the WWE over here!!

  7. Are you in my house again?
    Or my yard?
    Or my driveway?
    I don’t get it either. It’s constant. Touch football leads to full contact rugby. Legos leads to epic battles of smashing and crashing. Now if I could just wrap them all in bubble wrap maybe I wouldn’t worry so much.
    Wait a minute..I think I have a weekend plan now.

  8. Oh, and now that I’ve commented, I’ll just add that your kids DO seem to get along really well. Based on what I’ve read in your blog. Helping each other with homework, etc.
    Also, they are kind to kittens. That’s good.

  9. The only tut-tutting we’ve ever experienced in relation to brotherly wrestling was from a parent of a boy-free household. One friend and mother of three boys (and one girl) said she never intervened unless blood was shed!

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