Sunny Days

Things are better, friends. I’m feeling a lot better. Part of my depression is/was chronic depression that I have dealt with for a long time. But I also have pretty severe PMDD and sometimes those two depressions work together and send me spiraling into a headspace where I isolate myself and don’t talk and sit in drippy black clouds for longer than I am used to.

I say this to let you know that those drippy clouds have been receding and I’ve been more reliable about taking my antidepressants and things have been getting better and this is a perfect segue into me telling you that last weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

Everything came together in, like, a loveplosion of awesome. I have a list of things from last weekend that I want to write about and show you photos of, which, I believe, will be a vast improvement over, you know, nothing. Hopefully those words will actually materialize.

My weekend was full of friends from near and far, awesome kids, a moonbounce, candy corn, margaritas, cheering on Marine Corps Marathon runners, being with people who really get and love me, and sunny weather.

It’s just too bad there wasn’t more sleep. And there was no Segway ride. That would have made my weekend better. I’m just saying.

I’m a really lucky person. I’m so glad that the clouds are lifting so I can see that.

17 thoughts on “Sunny Days

  1. I’m glad too! I used to suffer from PMS so can “kinda” relate to your PMDD. That sucks! Wish I was there with you guys although if a Segway ride was guaranteed…I would’ve been there. :P

    • Diane, the only thing that could have made it better would have been if you were here too. Love you, friend.

  2. I get the clash of mood stuff, being in peri menopause throws one interesting month after another up for me.
    Look forward to hearing all about your weekend. xx

  3. You made me so unbelievably full of joy and happy and all good things last weekend, and I’m so so glad to hear that it was a bright spot for you too. You my friend are beyond awesome and getting to hang out with you is one of the high points of my whole life. The low point was having to get on that plane and fly away.

  4. I’m with ya, sister! I have SAD and PMDD so this time of year? Well, I just really shouldn’t be anyone’s wife or mother or friend. But it doesn’t last forever and the sun does come out!! Also, can I just say that when I click over to your blog I just love seeing your smiling face! What a gorgeous photo!!

  5. Hi! So happy that you’re feeling better! **
    As you know, I empathize wrt depression. I believe exercise can be helpful, along with talk therapy and medications.
    As you also know, I sometimes offer unsolicited advice about topics about which I might, or might not, have firsthand knowledge. So, here you go:
    a. For very reliable info about health concerns [like PMDD], I highly recommend checking Medline plus, NIH, and Mayo websites.
    b. Maybe check the relevant medical / professional associations – for example, for orthopaedics, and for cardiology. I’ve referred to all of these – and more – to help family members.
    I have a slight bias against Wikipedia for REALLY important topics, though I do understand crowd-sourcing. It’s a thing.
    [PS: I wrote this comment before reading about your car break-in. That was sad. Sigh.]

    And finally, I am terrified of Segways, in addition to being terrified of treadmills. ☹

    • Also, when you mentioned ennui earlier, I mistakenly thought you meant ‘boredom’. Sorry about that.

      PS: I’m also terrified of down escalators. Sigh. On a positive note, I can walk fine; just no mountain hikes in my future.

      I am so annoyed that I keep bringing up the scareyness of uneven surfaces. You’d kind of have to be there. :)

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