4 thoughts on “Words! On This Very Screen!

  1. Well put, as always. If I had a dollar for every time someone (usually a man) told me to smile I’d be a millionaire several times over. Being told that my facial expression needs to change to make someone else feel more comfortable is exasperating. If I’m happy, I smile, if not I look serious. Being fake in order to fit in and make other people happy at the expense of our own peace of mind is wrong, as you stated beautifully.
    Of course we should obey social conventions but everyone has the right to be themselves, as long as they’re not harming anyone else. It’s taken me decades to accept myself for the anxious, quirky, sarcastic but mostly well-meaning person that I am. Like you, I wish children weren’t under so much pressure to fit in and were allowed to just be themselves. Besides, normal is boring.

  2. I was once asked “Where’s your smile?” and gave it. I’m usually happy, but at this point. it comes from how I can often focus on what makes me happy. My situation’s less than I like, but I hope it’ll turn around soon. I’ve been a happy girl most of my life. except when I had some deep hurt in my life, but I rose above after a while and I smile big every day, even when I just woke up.

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