Thursday, November 28, 2013

I’m Forcing a Meme Here, People

Hey there! How is your Thanksgiving going? Are you here reading this because you’re hiding from your relatives? Are you waiting for your potatoes to finish cooking? Maybe you’re in some sort of turkey-induced lethargy and can’t do anything but sit on your couch and surf the internet.

Or you live in any country other than the United States, maybe you are wondering why there are suddenly a billion photos of pie in your Facebook feed.

Well, I am here to help you with your Thanksgiving ennui.

Yesterday I posted this photo:

Mustache cat is distinguished.
I posted it and you clamored for a tuxedo cat meme.

Well. One of you said that maybe it would be fun to have a tuxedo cat meme sometime, but no pressure really.

Happily for me, I had already made a meme that I posted on Facebook a while back but that was mostly ignored. It is possible—I’m just sayin’—that mustache cat may not be meme material.
Here is what I had come up with:

It is also possible that maybe *I* am not meme material.

You guys tend to be far funnier than I am. Give me your caption suggestions. Or take the photo and make your own. Please don’t leave tuxedo/mustache cat without a caption. She would be terribly sad.
(Happy Thanksgiving!)

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