Moustache Cat and Her Friend Heisenberg Cat

Well. Very few of you took me up on my challenge to create a meme for Oreo/tuxedo/mustache/moustache cat. This may be because I used the gauche American spelling for “mustache” and you guys didn’t understand that we have a classy undertaking happening here.

That said, for the four of you who partook? You are my new favorites.

Pilgrim Cat Wishes You a Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

Karen started off with a holiday-inspired idea. I posted it first because it is time sensitive.

"I not always wear a top hat, but when I do, I am the cat's meow."

Thank you, Beth. Oreo gives you a happy meow for the compliment.

"I have class....and you?"

Excellent capturing of Tuxedo Cat’s essence, Keegan!

"Created by Glen Charles & Les Charles and James Burrows"

You are awesome, Kelly. This made me giggle uncontrollably.

Because Oreo was lonely without more captions, I decided to go ahead and give her some myself. I hope you enjoy.

"You grew a Movember moustache? Amateur." "I have a top hat. Your argument is invalid." "One does not simply grow a moustache. One is born with it." Hey girl, I like to cuddle too. It's not a moustache. It's a way of life.Also, because we’re jerks, we couldn’t stop at putting a hat on just one cat, so when Starfire stopped moving, we dropped the thing on her head and photographed her as well. I texted the photo to my friend who gave us the hat and her husband came back with this response: “Heisenberg.”

Which, naturally, led to this:

Black cat with black top hat and the caption: "Say my name."Then, because I was having too much fun to stop and because Starfire looked SO damn menacing, I decided to end with this one:

Black cat with black top hat with caption: SOON.Thank you for indulging me. I’ll stop now and return us to our regularly scheduled programming of non-feline-related matters. Maybe.

10 thoughts on “Moustache Cat and Her Friend Heisenberg Cat

    • It’s like the end slide from Cheers. Like Mustache Cat has her own Charles/Burrows/Charles show.

      • At least that’s what *I* got from it. But I am the master of misinterpreting things, so…

    • Hi JoeyMom! Since your idea is very funny, AND since this just occurred to me, I cannot resist:
      “Chez Poirot Cat, we serve frites with aoili. Never ketchup.”
      Because Poirot Cat is Belgian, right? :)
      Hopefully this reply will be lost in the discussion thread, so I won’t look more ridiculous. My meme-writing career, which was very brief, is officially done. :)

    • And,
      “Poirot Cat is very dapper.”

      btw, I don’t even really know what a meme is. I think it’s a cute saying? :)

  1. Starfire IS the one who knocks.
    Have you checked your basement to make sure he (she?) hasn’t set up a meth lab down there?

  2. My problem with memes is that everyone else’s captions are ALWAYS funnier than anything I can come up with. (LOVE the “amateur” one!)

    So. I’m just going to be quiet and enjoy the awesomeness of other people. And cats. :p

  3. These are all funny. Also, Joeymom’s concept is very apt. :)

    The photoshopped hat trim really completes the look. I almost suggested this; however I couldn’t remember if Pilgrims had buckled shoes, or hats. Apparently, it is both!

    Now it’s time for other holiday themed photos. [Wait. Forget I said that.] :)

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