Aaaaand Awkward Segue Here…

I keep trying to think of a good way to transition from my Merry Christmas post back into real life, which is difficult considering I’ve barely left my house and I think my kids might still be wearing the pajamas they wore on Christmas Eve. No matter than I can’t think of a single thing to write about, I need to get that Christmas card off the top of my page.

Maybe I’ll do it with this photo of Quinn and his new stuffed cat, Balls.

Quinn with gray stuffed catI could also tell you that Jack got a music player for Christmas and wore it out this morning when he and Alex went to Dunkin Donuts where he apparently bonded with a young woman over their shared love of Taylor Swift.

Jack wearing headphonesOr maybe this cat in a pile of wrapping paper will do it.

IMG_2192That’ll do. Now we can move on.

7 thoughts on “Aaaaand Awkward Segue Here…

  1. Much as I love seeing pictures of your boys (the one in the zoo! with the rainbow lights! and no coats!), I have to admit that the last one here is my absolute favourite. Have fun doing absolutely nothing! That’s what the days after Christmas are for. (Except for me, because I decided in a moment of craziness that it is imperative to have all my books catalogued and reorganised before January 1st).

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