Yeah, That Toy Doesn’t Exist

Thank you all for your efforts with the Elemental Guardian. I am now convinced that the toy does not exist and that Jack had some kind of elaborate hallucination last week wherein someone brought in a Barbie and Jack’s brain turned it into the ultimate Hero Factory toy.

I would, however, like to thank all of you for your amazing google skillz. Seriously. You are phenomenal. Jack is very lucky to have all of you on his side. I can’t quite believe all the awesome stuff you found. I have no idea how you found them.

As for the $119 Transformers toy that looked a lot like what Jack was describing, but that was NOT what he was describing, but now he wants said Transformers toy? Well, that one is on me for being dumb enough to show it to him. Also he’s not getting it.

To thank you for all your hard work typing and clicking, I will give you this photo of spooning kittens.

tuxedo cat with front paw around black cat

Awwwwww! Kittens make everything better.

And then I’ll give you this other photo of the cats and gerbils during gerbil tank cleaning time.

three cats clustered around a small, plastic box holding three gerbils

So close and yet still so far.

Let’s all try to not notice that our couch is patched with brown duct tape, okay? It’s embarrassing enough without you pointing and laughing.

I hope the cats make you happy. Let me know if I can ever google something for you.

10 thoughts on “Yeah, That Toy Doesn’t Exist

  1. I so didn’t even notice, or even think about your brown duct tape. Good solution by the way. Isn’t it funny how we obsess over things no one else notices. Our carpet is beyond the needs replacing point and I’m just convinced that everyone who comes in the house not only instantly notices, but judges my housekeeping and parenting due to the carpet. Intellectually I know better, but it doesn’t stop that little voice inside my head. Come to think of it, maybe I should try brown duct tape as a flooring option.

  2. Oh so many things in this post that remind me why I love you so much! The kitties, the duct tape, the crowd sourcing to make your kid happy…

  3. Our black pleather couch was patched with electrical tape! duct tape solves everything. Hope you all have a happy holiday. Need to meet up sometime soon! been too long.

  4. See, now I feel like I cheated. I’m behind on reading so I didn’t google anything but I still got to enjoy the pictures of the cats spooning and gerbiling.

  5. Note to self: next time get a leather (or “leather”) couch as they can be repaired with household items whereas rips in fabric require sewing.

    Apropo of nothing, Q got a Venus Fly Trap & it requires distilled water. And as I was standing in the water aisle getting the gallon of distilled water, I thought about your last Junk Pyramid post. I also wished that I could buy a smaller amount but since a gallon was only 88 cents, I’m sure it’s not worth it to put distilled water in quarts.

    • Yes, get a “leather” couch and also don’t get a dog that will scratch at said “leather” couch.

      Dude. I LOVE that you remember that about my last Junk Pyramid post. I’ve actually been contemplating bringing the Junk Pyramid back. We’re considering a move and I was thinking I could spend the next year minimizing in a very serious way.

  6. If it’s any consolation, I just stared at the bottom picture for a solid minute and I still can’t work out where the duct tape is

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