Project Stimey 2.0

Project StimeyIt has been one year and one day since I started Project Stimey, which means it is time to stop, assess, and recommit. As I mentioned in my last post, my resolution at the beginning of 2013 was this:

My goal this year is to improve my overall physical health. By the end of 2013, I want to weigh less, I want to be fitter, I want to be a water drinker instead of a soda drinker, and I want to be altogether more awesome.

As I also mentioned, I managed to do all of these things, but some of them not all the way. That, however, was kind of the point for me. Giving myself an end goal, like “LOSE ALL THE WEIGHT” would have set me up for failure. This way, when I lost SOME of the weight, I ended up feeling good about myself instead of wanting to kill myself. Win-win!

As for fitness, I am definitely way better off than I was a year ago. I ran 465.51 miles this year in just more than 100 hours. I ran seven races, including the relay race I spent most of the year training for. I ran an 8k race in September at a three minute per mile faster pace than when I had run the same race the year before.

Also, my body is changing in good ways.

Running photos taken a year apart

I’m not where I want to be, but I’m moving in the right direction.

As for the soda drinking, I’m afraid I haven’t been as honest with you as I could have been. It was February when I told you that I was making good progress quitting Diet Coke. Then I completely regressed without telling you and drank mass amounts of Diet Coke right up until December 29, when I realized that I only had two days left if I planned to quit before new year’s.

It was a sad day, let me tell you. Honestly, though, the next day was sadder with no happy brown bubbles to cheer me up.

I’m on Day Four with no soda and I feel totally fine physically, but damn if I don’t miss it. I know that it is just a matter of getting out of the habit of drinking soda all the time. I’m now getting in the habit of drinking water instead. I should tell you that water is stupid.

I am so fucking hydrated right now that I want to scream.

But healthier! No more phenylalanine for me! Yay! *grumpy face*

As for next year, I really just want to keep moving down the road I’m on. My 2014 resolution is to continue to improve my overall physical health. I will continue to work on running and increasing my mileage and speed, but I really want to work on eating cleaner as well. Per usual, I will plan to increase my general awesomeness again.

I want to run at least one half marathon this year, hopefully this spring, but I haven’t found one yet. My relay team is also planning another fall relay. And, again, we have openings if any of you are interested in joining our team.

Just like last year, you can keep tabs on me through my distance log and my race list.

Let’s inspire each other! Let me know what your goals are and how you’re going to make them happen. We can all be awesomer in 2014!

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  1. Way to go! Water is sooo boring!! I want to work my way up to a 5k. And I am trying to eat more cleanly..less take-out and processed foods. So similar goals. January, for me, is all about more water and getting back into my exercise routine. Best of luck in 2014!!!

  2. I’m going to start weight watchers. I have a bunch to lose & I’m going to do it. My other goal… To stand up on a SUP board without tipping right over. :)

  3. Congratulations! You look great and it sounds like you feel good, too!

    Water is boring, so I drink Pellegrino and fancy it up even further with lime, or a splash of pomegranate juice and lime, or even some really good fruity vinegar, like a peach balsamic – just a couple teaspoons in a glass. It just makes it different enough. Don’t put it in a sports bottle, though – the bubbles make it shoot out the top! I learned the hard way.

  4. I can’t drink plain water, so I open a really large bottled water every morning and add a small amount of soda to it, like maybe 1/4 cup. For some reason this makes a huge difference, I have no trouble drinking all of it over a day plus it helps to track how much I’m drinking.

    The difference over the year is remarkable, I’m so impressed with your ability to run. My goals are to turn off the laptop at night and read more fiction, and figure out how to get more exercise while homeschooling kids who can’t be left on their own. Hmm.

    Here’s to being awesome in 2014!

    • It is extremely difficult to exercise when you have kids in tow. Maybe add a gym class to your curriculum.

  5. Well, you could get a soda maker, and carbonate water whenever you feel like it. Can’t say that you won’t still miss the cola though. Either way, you have made more progress than I, and more resolutions than I have even considered. Good on ya.

      • Shut the hell up, DNT.

        (This is my mother and she and I have a little history with the topic of soda makers. This comment is warranted, I assure you.)

    • I do not care for carbonated water. I have tried hard to like it, oh, lord, I have tried. I feel as if drinking carbonated water would solve pretty much every single one of my problems. All of them.


    Believe it or not…I drink a LOT of water! Seriously. I’m not much of a ‘pop’ (the proper word) drinker. Oh and all the water I drink…doesn’t make a damn difference! Yea. So do for the diet coke! WTH!!! :D

    I should admit that I am typing this as I am hunting for ‘good’ jelly-bellies (in the bag) with a flashlight because it’s dark and I’m awesome too!

    Looking forward to reading about Project Stimey 2.0 and all Stimeyland’s adventures!!!


    • Oh, Diane, I like you so much, but I just cannot get behind calling it pop. Oh, no no no.

      I do, however, really enjoy that you had to hunt for candy with a flashlight. That makes me like you more.

  7. Look at you go! I’m inspired. The soda thing is hard, I quit it briefly last year too. And I just quit it again. I think the occasional club soda is fine, I get my fizz fix that way. I’m going to try and lose 17 lbs ( that brings me to a tidy round number) through diet first – through a modified paleo approach (no wheat, white rice, white potatoes, refined sugar, corn products). It worked for me last year till I got lazy. My overarching theme will be SELF DISCIPLINE. Much easier said than done but with every small victory I feel better about myself. Keep us posted, you are off to a great start!

    • Your modified paleo approach is a list of all the foods that I love. I think I may have discovered my problem. :) Good luck to you!!!

  8. I had a “cut down on soda” goal (not cut it OUT, but just down), and it took me a little while to get used to flavored sparkling water but now I like it. It gives me the fizziness that apparently I interpret as Extra Thirst-Quenchy. But maybe it has in it that same chemical you’re trying to avoid.

    I love seeing numbers over larger periods of time. I can get discouraged if I see I only went a mile on the treadmill, but when it starts ADDING UP OVER TIME it’s pretty awesome. Or, like, I might think it’s not worth the effort to put 2T of oats in a smoothie—but OVER TIME that’s a LOT of oats.

    • I totally agree with you about the adding up over time. I really like adding up the numbers.

      I’ve been drinking a can of Honest Fizz soda once a day since I quit Diet Coke. It doesn’t have sugar stuff or caffeine or whatnot and it’s a lovely little treat. I only have two cans left though so it is likely that once it is gone, I’ll be fizz free.

  9. Have you looked at the Parks Half Marathon through Rock Creek Park? It’s supposed to be beautiful and not too extremely hard. I’m thinking of doing it, although I’ve never to this point run more than 5 miles. But I’ll never run more, either, unless I put a goal in front of it.Those before and after pics are incredible. Here’s to Project Stime 2.0!!

    • Yes! That one is super close to me. I think I might well try to do that one this fall. We should both do it!

  10. My resolution for this year is 4 half marathons. Ran one half and one full marathon last year. The full is just not my distance, too much training time, too much chafing. But all that training made me convinced that I really love the half marathon distance (BTW if you told me three years ago that I would ever write I love the half marathon distance, I would have laughed at you so hard). So that and reincorporating weightlifting into my workout routines.
    I quit soda a year and a half ago. Was really psychologically difficult–was my mid-afternoon treat. Was desperate for some caffeine a week ago and picked up a Diet Coke. Had two sips and could not drink it–it tasted really gross and chemically. Given enough time away you may find you feel the same.

    • Awesome! You can totally do the four! I think a half marathon is a good distance. At some point, I want to do a marathon, but I don’t think it will be a regular thing for me.

      I am hoping that I end up with the same response to Diet Coke that you now have. I remember when I started drinking it lo these many years ago, it was gross at first. I hope to come back full circle to that.

  11. Hello This is Keegan Again from the Sluis Academy and I must Good job losing the weight you look great! in order to see even better results you have got to stop drinking sodas. Not only is the aspertame horrible for you but also the amount of sugar in every can will put your daily calories way higher then it should be. In order to lose a pound per week you need to burn 700 calories more then what you intake per day. In other words each can of pop you drink will hamper you results.

  12. You are awesome and you can do it!

    I had to stop drinking good stuff and only drink water while I was pregnant with Ryan. (Everything else made me sick.) And I hate water. But! Eventually I got used to it and I started to like water. So keep it up, in a month or two water will actually taste good.

  13. It looks to me like you are doing an amazing job of getting fitter. I absolutely must follow your example this year.

    And I’m not a soda drinker but agree water is a bit boring. Hot water with a dash of lemon can be more palatable and is supposed to be ultra healthy too.

  14. My goal this year is to lose the “last 40 lbs” having already lost 50 lbs this fall.

    Amazingly, the 50 lb weight loss is NOT my major victory in 2013 — after years of struggling to kick Diet Coke, I was finally able to get off it completely. It is, truly, an addiction, and I feel y’all’s pain on this.

    Over the summer I took a glucose tolerance test and the doctor discovered that my body had become insulin resistant (Diet Coke is known to cause insulin resistance), which made losing weight almost impossible.

    But once I was given medication to fix the insulin resistance, my physiological “need” for Diet Coke disappeared immediately, and 50 lbs came off almost effortlessly in 4 months. I found that any carbonated beverage makes me sick and stops weight loss (even Pellegrino). After about 1 week on the medication, plain water started to taste great!

    So here’s to a Diet Coke-free 2014 for all of us, and to “LOSING ALL THE WEIGHT!”

    • That is amazing! Way to go! How wonderful to find out what the problem is and how to fix it. It is ridiculous how bad Diet Coke is for people. I need to keep hearing stories like yours to keep me strong for week two!

  15. I just received a mailer from teamintraining, which benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. There are several info sessions in January – see for details.
    Also, do you like iced tea? Tazo has some great flavors – chai [reg or decaf], zen, darjeeling are my favorites. You can make up a pitcher in the fridge without even boiling the water. Or try a little fruit juice in sparkling water?
    Happy running!

    • I do like iced tea! In fact, I just bought a little plastic container so I could make it and keep it in my fridge but the container is too tall for my shelves so now I have to re-figure out how to go about it.

  16. I’ll tell ya… There is nothing like a stomach bug & not eating for 24 hours to jump start that New Years Weight Loss Resolution.

    I have cut down on the pop (I’m with Diane) but not cut it out completely. That is on the list. But high on the list is to walk faster ( maybe even, gasp!, run?) so I can sign up for a local 5K because I want the damn medal. You only get a Participant Ribbon if you do the Community Walk 5K.

    And be even more Awesomer. That is always a good goal.

    Congrats on a great year, Stimey!

    • Well, there you go: a silver lining!

      Medals make everything better. For reals. They’re awesome and totally worth it. I used the Ease into 5k app on my phone a couple of years ago and it was fantastic!

      Also, you’re already awesome. :)

  17. Hi Stimey! I randomly stumbled to your blog way ways of googling how to quit Coke Light (how we call it around here). Hang in there! On February 1st i’ll be six months free of soda… I drink water all the time, fresh orange juice and lemonade. It’s really worth the pain!

    • That’s awesome! Congratulations! I’m 25 days away from my last Diet Coke and I feel pretty happy about it!

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