Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Starfire Objects.

Someone would like your attention, please.


My cats have giardia. It's some sort of intestinal parasite common in kittens—bonus: it can pass to humans! It's not all that big of a deal, really, but they do have to take medicine to get rid of it.

I say "they" because I don't actually know who has it. I took in a bag of cat shit to the vet and was all, "I don't know whose it is, but here is a bag of poop!"

I guess the rationale is that if one of them has it, all of them have it, so let's treat everyone.

Of course, that's great because all three of the cats are super thrilled to have me syringe liquid meds down their throats twice a day. (<—sarcasm) Something I have learned, however, is that, by FAR, Starfire is the pointiest of the cats.

See, Oreo and Ruby sort of just gave in. Sure, Oreo tries to hork up all the medicine afterward through a series of guttural coughs that are ultimately ineffective and Ruby stalks off all offended like, but I don't feel like I'm risking, say, a finger when I medicate them.

Starfire, however, has taken the administration of medicine as both a personal affront and an individual challenge to see just exactly how badly she can scratch the hell out of me.

(Answer: kind of a lot.)

Here's the thing though: Starfire may be able to kick my ass physically, but I am SMARTER than that small cat.

It turns out that once you incapacitate her tiny, razor sharp claws, she has no choice but to take her medicine like a good cat.

Not so cocky now, are you, Sharpy?

We're five days into a ten-day/twice-a-day meds regimen and my pre-swaddling scratches are starting to heal. Starfire hasn't figured out how to break free of her blanket burrito and I feel as if I've conquered the cat world.

Starfire, however, still strenuously fucking objects.


  1. And you have touched on another of my personal fears (a close second after rabies). Infected cat scratches that cause blood poisoning. Be careful, friend.

  2. You should have texted me. I used to work at a vet office. I could have had you swaddling at the start.
    I'm also really good at giving meds to cats. And dogs. And goats.

  3. You have no idea how much I needed that laugh. I keep rereading bits and pieces to my husband and giggling. Clearly I need more kittens in my life.

  4. It's called "cat scratch fever." Keep it all clean, use neosporin, if it stays really red and you feel crappy, go to the doc for antibiotics. No sweat. ;)

  5. First, very empathetic and hope all the kittens are well, soon.
    Secondly, I'm still scared of cats, ice, down escalators, zombies, etc. So, basically, I'm a scaredy cat. So to speak.

  6. Geez. We only have to do 1 pill* for 3 days. And my Q managed to get that MF right down the cat before Melody even knew what was happening. Tonight was pill 1 so we'll see if Melody catches on tomorrow.

    You would think that animal medicine makers would flavor the meds so the animal would want to eat it -- such as fish flavored for cats. But I remember when we had to give our older cat an antibiotic and it was the pink amoxicillan that my kids took. I don't know if it was bubblegum flavored, too, like the stuff for my kids but I know the cat didn't care for it.

    *It's my fault for not wanting random kittens. We got Melly spayed just in case she ever manages to get herself outside at the wrong time.

  7. And, also afraid of economy class airline tickets.

  8. I think I'm good. They're not infected at all and are now almost gone.

  9. I didn't know that! Were you a tech? I used to be a veterinary receptionist, and I remembered that there was the occasional cat who needed to be put in the "cat bag." I improvised. I think the blanket is even better than the cat bag.

    Also, I almost want to get a goat so you can come give it medicine. But then I would have a goat.

  10. I'm so glad! Also, EVERYONE needs more kittens in their lives.

  11. It's as if you fear all the things I love. :) Although Quinn fell on a (non-moving) down escalator a few week ago, so I don't love those anymore.

    Also, I think everyone fears economy class. :)

  12. Ha! First one's free, right? Hopefully Melly stays compliant.

    This medicine is chicken flavored, but I don't think it helps much. It *is* weird to give a cat that pink goo. It seems that if kids can barely handle it, a cat would have serious problems with it.

  13. When I worked (non paid) at a vet office we used a blanket when we had to do stuff with nasty or squirmy cats. I have a new post, btw.

  14. This is the best thing I have read all day. The swaddled cat picture makes it the best post of the week. Possibly the month.

  15. We went through the giardia thing a few months ago with our puppy. The hardest part was convincing our 9-year-old not to let the pup lick her face till she was cleared!

  16. Hah! That's ok - we can still be friends via your blog :) To clarify, I really love cats; I'm only afraid of them because I can't breathe when in the same room with one, let alone three.
    PS: Last night I was researching flights for a conference in Orlando in February. The good news: today I booked FREE first class tickets using a gift of 50K mileage points. Yay! Also, I'm reasonably fine with coach class, if I can sit in the very front of the plane, arrive at the airport early, check my bag, and there are no zombies. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

  17. Just went through that too. We sort of gave up at the end.


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