Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Who's Ready For Some Hockey?

Jack has a hockey tournament coming up this weekend and, in a happy turn of events, it is within close driving distance of my house! No billion-hour bus trips for us this time! (Don't worry; there is a travel tournament this spring with all its accompanying chaos.) Even better than that, all of Team Stimey will get to attend. I'm so excited!


Having been to hockey tournaments before with names such as Special Hockey International Tournament (aka, SHIT) and Special Hockey Ex-traaah-vah-gaaaahn-za, I was a little disappointed that the people behind Jack's upcoming tournament called it the UCT Winter Hockey Festival, giving me so little comedy fodder to work with.

Fortunately, I have all kinds of AWESOME fodder to work with, namely number 42!

The fella there on the left is Santa Claus.

That is Jack's best friend there in the blue. He is number 43, which makes Jack endlessly happy that they are only one apart. It makes ME endlessly happy that the two of them get to skate together.

Also, in case you don't see the full awesomeness potential in the above photo, here is a way cuter picture of #42:


I mention this, because...HOCKEY! TOURNAMENT! And also to invite any of you special hockey boosters in the area to come experience a little bit of what I am talking about when I talk about special hockey.

Going to a special hockey tournament is unlike anything I have ever done. It is amazing. It is magic.

Jack and I welcome friends to join us at the Gardens Ice House in Laurel this Saturday and/or Sunday to watch some great hockey. The Cheetahs have four teams playing, from super competitive, skilled A teams to C teams with more players like Jack who are still working on the more advanced skills.

All of said teams kick ass and are super awesome to watch.

Jack's team (the Montgomery Cheetahs C Team Purple) will be playing three games, as follows:

1 pm: vs. Columbus Blue Jackets, Logsdon arena
5:30 pm: Opening Ceremonies, Patrick arena
8 am: vs. NOVA Cool Cats, Logsdon arena
11 am: vs. Space Coast Supercanes, Whitey's rink (This one is outside, I think. Bring blankets.)

If you come and can't find us, just follow the sounds of Quinn shouting that he's cold and miserable and/or the sight of a mop of unruly blond hair sticking up out of a mass of blankets that seem to be holding an iPad.

You don't have to come see Jack though. There will be great hockey on every rink throughout the weekend. If you do want to see Jack though, be prepared for one of the following:

Jack on his game and playing hockey like a motherfucker, although in game form, not practice like this photo.
Jack being sooooo over hockey. This sometimes takes the form of his sitting belligerently on the bench.  
Hopefully, gleeful Jack, happy and free and thrilled to be skating. In a perfect world, he wouldn’t be this blurry in real life.

I hope some of you can make it, but if not, be sure to check back here next week for all of the news, photos, and fun—oh, and also the magic of special hockey.


  1. Good luck at the tournament Jack! I hope you and the rest of Team Stimey and the Cheetahs have an awesome weekend!

  2. The tournament sounds great! I hope everyone has a great time, and that the Cheetahs win.
    If I stop by, I'll say hello. However, that's rather unlikely, as I'm terrified of ice, and also I tend to cry at happy events.
    As usual, tmi from me. Not surprising.
    Go Cheetahs!

  3. Oh, wait. Will there be hot chocolate or apple cider? Cookies? If so, I might stop by.

  4. Thank you so much, Missy!

  5. There will definitely be ice. Lots of it. But hopefully contained to the rinks. :) I don't remember what the facilities are like at this ice rink, but there are usually cafes willing to sell you hot chocolate and cookies.

    I'd love to meet you! I know you'll be able to find us if you stop by. (And we'll keep you safe from the ice.)

  6. Yes, I'd really like to meet you and your family, too!
    If Sam and Quinn get bored, maybe they can demo Minecraft.
    I was kidding about the cookies [of course], though not about the occasional emotional happy crying bit. Just so you know in advance.
    In case I don't get there this weekend, I'll look forward to the recap.


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