Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Panic Training

I did a really stupid thing.

Oh, you guys, I was so stupid.

So, I didn't run much at all in November and December and then in January I didn't run as much as I meant to and I felt in danger of falling off the running wagon. Being the brilliant person I am, I figured I could jump into action if I had something to, you know, motivate me.

Repeat: Oh good lord am I dumb.

It was the beginning of February when I decided to sign up for the Reston 10-miler which is a 10-mile (duh) race taking place on March 2.

dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

I mean, on one hand, it's working. I've already run more miles this month that I ran in all of January. On the other hand, I have managed to freak myself out more than was probably necessary by signing myself up for a race I am in no way prepared for.

You know how many times I've run 10 miles in a row? Once. Last July.

There is a time limit on this course. I am pretty sure I am going to come crawling in after the course has been closed.

Needless to say, I am panic training. Rather, I am PANIC TRAINING!!!!!!

All the snow that has dropped over the past week hasn't helped much either. I'm lucky that I have a treadmill at my house, but it's not the same thing as running outside. If you live in Snowville, next time you're out and about, look for sidewalks. You won't find them. You will, however, find people walking in the road because there are no sidewalks not covered by 15 inches of snow.

I'm going to try to go for a long run outside tomorrow, but I'm not going to lie, it's extremely possible that I will break something on my body while I do it. I was walking—slowly—on a sidewalk this evening when I slipped on ice and fell on both knees and one hand. Good times.

It's going to be even better when I come crawling in to the finish line after the course is closed with a limp.

If I'm lucky, it will be snowing.

Here's the thing though: Imma finish this thing. It might take me a loooooong time and I am going to hurt after I cross the finish line, but even if they've put the finish gate in a truck and carted it away, I'm going to run until my Garmin says 10 miles.

Oh, this is going to be so hard. So very hard. I am so stupid. So very stupid.


  1. You're not stupid - you rock! I almost fell tonight when I was running, thanks to one piece of black ice about 3 houses away from mine. I'm not looking forward to feeling how my muscle responds in the morning. Ugh.

  2. You're not stupid by any means, maybe a bit crazy. Crazy because I would rather do anything than run. Good for you! You are keeping to your resolution. However, there's nothing like a deadline to get one's rear in gear.

    Please be careful if you run outside. My mother in law decided to go walking a couple weeks ago in Colorado and ended up breaking her elbow. Run defensively, you know like defensive driving. ;-)

  3. Are you guys supposed to thaw out this week? We had 40 degrees today and will have that for the next 2 days in the Midwest...so maybe you'll get to run in slush and puddles instead of ice...maybe??

    Good luck!! I think it's awesome that you are so motivated.

  4. It's only Today Stimes that thinks you're stupid. Future Stimes, the one who has just crossed the finish line and is feeling pretty damn awesome, is going to look back at Today Stimes and shower love all over her for being such a genius.

    Full Force Stimey, engage! Carefully!

  5. Damn our past selves - they always sign us up for things like this.
    You can do it! I have total faith. Don't get frostbite, or whatever it is you do in snowy places.

  6. Ugh. Stupid ice. And today: RAIN AND THUNDER! What the hell is happening here?

  7. Oh lord, that sounds so painful. I hope she is doing okay. I will definitely run defensively.

  8. Slush and puddles! That is sliiiiightly less horrible than snow. I'm in!

  9. Caaaaarefully engaging.

  10. We cry a lot. That is what we do in snowy places.

  11. Can you find a high school running track that has been cleared and is safe for running for your training? Or a gravel playing field at a school. It will hopefully be trampled down by hundreds of tiny feet, and the gravel will help with traction.

    Past Lisa foolishly signed me up for an Excel course starting next week. Doesn't that sound fun. :(

  12. First, I get that your post is rather self-deprecating, if that's even a word [or a phrase]. Anyway, you are not stupid, as you know. :)
    Secondly, and just for comparison: I'm going to what should be an excellent conference, AND moving the morning after I return. While I won't call that stupid, I will say that it isn't the best plan ever.
    And I've taken actual courses on decision-making. [These courses do exist, and they're excellent. Clearly, I am not a reference for such courses.]
    Anyway, enjoy the running! And the race! I hope the t-shirt is pretty.
    I'm so happy that it's warming up around here. It is, right?

  13. I *almost* did something similar lately. I figured since I wasn't interested in running a lot more miles in races, I would do a triathalon!!! Cool, right?!? Until I realized that I would have to TRAIN for that. I haven't actually signed up yet, but I'm still thinking about it. Good luck on the 10-miler...I have faith that you will do it, even if you don't meet the official time limit. I ran/walked a 10k last spring and had the pace bikes solidly behind my a$$ for the second half of the race. Feels (not so) awesome, but then I finished and it felt AWESOME!

  14. There is indeed a running track close by, which I use sometimes. I can't stand to do long runs on it through, because somewhere around lap 30 I would want to shoot myself.

    Go, Excel!

  15. Sometimes it's best to get it done all at once. Like pulling off a band-aid. I applaud your decision-making skills.

  16. I kinda feel like you sign up for the triathalon. Doing the training and racing can be Future Kim's problem. Let her deal with it.

    Oh, man, the pace bikes. They are totally going to be right behind me.

  17. YOU CAN DO IT.

    Also , why is running outside so much harder? I can run in my gym for thirty minutes straight but outside? I thought I was going to die when I tried to do three minutes.

  18. I posted in my blog. Now that NASCAR season has started the racefangurl element has taken over my blog. It'll be aspiegurl dominated again with slight race forays if there's off-season activity in about nine months.

  19. I think this is terrific! Keep us posted on how you are doing!

  20. It is SO much harder. Treadmills are flat. Therein lies the problem.

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