Monday, March 10, 2014

En Fuego

I disappeared over the past few days because Jack and I went to Jamestown, New York, for a hockey tournament. Those tournaments are always amazing and this one in particular was really magical for me. It was just so very good. I really, really felt the magic of special hockey last weekend.

I also felt the magic of catching my kid's barf in a bag on the team bus—twice—but that is a whole other story.

Regardless of being provided with so many wonderful things to write about, tournaments leave me wiped out and more likely to sit quietly and watch Netflix in my hotel room while Jack sleeps than actually write something. Hopefully that will be rectified by tomorrow evening when I try to put some of that magic into words.

Until then, I will put that magic into a photo of Jack, showing off the new hockey tape he insisted we buy out of the vending machine at the tournament rink that sells everything from skatelaces tape.


Jack says he's blazing.

He's right.


  1. Excellent tape. Next time I'm sending some $ with you so you can get us a roll. I'm with Jack here: you could not pass it up!

  2. That is amazing tape! I would buy some for my husband if I could find some.
    Jack has style.


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