Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Zoom Out

Aw! Look at my happy, peaceful little gerbil friend. He is so relaxed and calm and sleepy.


Double aw! That calm happy gerbil is sleeping with his buddy.


Make that ON his buddy.


While those two gerbils safely slumber, another happy, secure gerbil lazily chews on cardboard under his water bottle. They have not a care in the world...


...except for the giant predator smashed between the gerbil tank and the window.


It must be unsettling to always have a giant cat on one side of your tank and a giant human on the other. It's a miracle these gerbils aren't stampy* little stressballs all the time.

Meanwhile, our predator finds time to pose, secure in the knowledge that no human or rodent will be able to pry her out of her exactly Oreo-sized stronghold wedged between the window and the gerbil tank.

And there you have a photo tour of two feet of my desk. And a good idea of exactly how much time I have on my hands.

* Gerbils do an excellent double stamp move to alert each other of danger. It is très adorable.


  1. Video of that double-stamp. Pleeeeeease!!!!

    Also, you must start a comic strip of Oreo, just watching the gerbils all day long.

  2. Gerbil fan club member right here. LOVE THEM!

  3. That is so adorable!

    Also, gerbils are apparently WAY bigger than I thought... o.0

  4. It slightly concerns me that I could guess where this post was going, based on the title and the first photo.
    Also, love what the gerbils have done with their little house - if the doors were originally like that round window. They're like little architects. :)

  5. Picture me sitting in front of the gerbil tank with my camera at the ready trying to make alarming noises to get the gerbils to stamp.

  6. Everybody needs rodents in their lives.

  7. These are my boy gerbils. They are giant. My girl gerbils are probably half their size.

  8. They're all kinds of good, aren't they? :)

  9. They are EXACTLY like little architects, always renovating.

  10. They're just gorgeous!

  11. They are, aren't they? They look very sweet when they're sleeping.

  12. I agree - a video of the stamping is a must!


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