Tuesday, June 10, 2014

End Game

It has been a challenging week. I'm not going to go into it all (what do you think this is—a blog or something?), but there have been a number of fabulous things (so many good parts of my new house) and a number of things that have been kind of a drag (it was a mistake to get on the Metro going the WRONG DIRECTION today after work making me late for Quinn pickup), but all of it has been a lot of work, full of changes, and super stressful.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Alex and I are going to Key West in one week and five days. Our 15-year anniversary was last month and we are celebrating by going away alone together for the first time since I was pregnant with Sam. You know, thirteen years ago.

If I can make it until our departure date, once I get on that airplane, no one can make me do anything. No one will be able to make me unpack any boxes or move things from one room to another. No one will be able to make me paint or clean or epoxy a house that I am no longer living in. No one will be able to force me to do anything but go swimming and maybe visit Ernest Hemmingway's cats.

I might even go running. Imagine that. Also, I'm going to look for crocodiles.

I can't wait.

Twelve more days. Twelve more days. I can get there. Even if I get there by starting out going the opposite direction and have to get off my train, run across the platform, and finally get on the right train going in the correct direction.


  1. Please take pictures of the cats. But only if you feel like it. Because, dude... DAYS, alone with the hubby? Whoa. Just... whoa.

  2. Yay for you! We all need to get away with our spouses, and leave the children behind. The best vacations I've ever taken were to beautiful locations where we had no plans, or agenda. Some days we'd take a day excursion with a group, and other days we spent lying in a hammock swaying with the palm trees. Have a blast! Just blog about it after you return so that those of us with no vacation plans can vicariously enjoy your trip.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Bon Voyage!

  4. And since I am unable to write a short comment like others do, here is are travel stories slightly related to your metro story.
    I do not like airplanes, so I obsessively check the airline site at 24:01:01 prior to departure, to switch seats to other than center in row 26. If I am stuck in a center seat, I graciously give the armrests to row-mates, and read a magazine purchased just for that flight. While breathing slowly.
    Please know that the departure time on the ticket, it isn't like the start time of a movie. True story: After not flying in years, I had to go to a conference. I had the perfect flight and seat assignment; arrived at gate right before departure. Told the gate agent I was there, and would be back after going to customer service to try to upgrade. Disregarded her comment that "Ma'am, flight is about to depart, I don't recommend that". Returned to see plane taxiing out.
    I might have asked them to recall the plane, but I was polite. So there's that.
    I also upgraded to first class for a two hour flight, but really that was free because coach class rewards tickets were sold out. And yes, I CHOSE that flight b/c coach was sold out Yayyyy. It was also first out the gate on a Saturday AM, so less likely delayed. Right??
    Also, once I've arrived, I love to travel. So there's a conflict.
    OK, Happy Anniversary!! and Bon Voyage!

  5. Because I thought departure time was when they start boarding the airplane. I'm not kidding. I should never travel by myself. :)

  6. Would you please delete my earlier comments - way too long, and I'm sorry.
    Anyway, happy anniversary.

  7. OK, you don't have to delete my lengthy comment.
    Yes, I worry that I comment too often -- though not so recently. And that the lengthy comments are annoying. You've told me they are not.
    Anyway, I am clearly clueless wrt air travel. Took me a while to realize that the departure time on the ticket, isn't a suggestion. :)
    I really like trains, though. Have thought about taking a cross-country train trip, which would become a best-seller. Right. :)

  8. You so deserve it! Have a great trip. As a mother of 2 year old twins who has had exactly 1 day off in the last year, I wish you have a fantastically lazy time.

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