Time Keeps on Slippin’

I’m sorry, but did I just look up and notice that it is JULY EIGHTH? Because I don’t know how that happened. See, summer was supposed to have just started and suddenly it’s almost mid-July. This is surprising because I think today was the first day of summer that I have had more than three uninterrupted hours in a row to just be.

Obviously I used said uninterrupted hours to unpack boxes, but still, they were there.

This summer has been really busy and exhausting. It seems as if every time I think I have an afternoon free, some new responsibility that has to be taken care of right away arises.

At the end of every week, I have told myself, “Next week. Next week is the week things calm down and normalize.” I think I might finally have been right.

I’ve managed to start running again. My daily to-do lists are manageable. My new house is largely unpacked. My old house is rapidly becoming not my responsibility. My kids and I are finding our groove with camp and job and volunteering and babysitters.

We have even found time to play in sprinklers in our backyard.

Photo of all three of my kids in swimsuits in a grassy backyard with a sprinkler running near them.Bring it on, summer. I think we’re finally ready.