Thursday, January 1, 2015

Project Stimey Enters Year Three

Project-Stimey-Part-IIIHappy New Year, people. I suppose today is the day of resolutions, which I am in full support of. For me, however, it is a day of reaffirming and evaluating Project Stimey, my multi-year Stimey Improvement Program.

For the past couple of years, Project Stimey has been focused on exercise and fitness, something that I have been extremely successful with. I ran nearly 617 miles last year and ran in a dozen races, including a half marathon. Just today I ran my first race of 2015, a 5K in which I set a new personal record.

I still don't have the body I want, but I finally feel like a runner.

I still have a lot of goals for my running. For example, I want to run 720 miles next year. That's 60 miles each month. I really want to run 70 miles a month for a total of 840 miles in 2015, but I'm going to make 720 the goal, with an eye on trying to get 70 miles in during as many months as I can. We'll see how that goes.

I also want to get faster. I'm aiming for consistent 11 minute or faster miles by the end of the year. We'll also see how that goes. Although my 5K this morning had an average 10:45 minute/mile, so I've made a good start.

Project Stimey's new aspect this year, however, is going to be a focus on my diet. Alex and I want to work on this together, which is great because we are each other's worst food enemy.

We also have plans to spend less money, allow our kids to play fewer video games and go on hikes every weekend, but mostly that improving our diet thing.

So those are my Project Stimey goals this year: lots of miles, faster pace, better diet. I think that's enough to keep me busy for the next 12 months, but even so, there is one other thing I want to keep at the front of my mind this year: I want to keep my eye on the joy in running and fitness.

I have fought for a long time to get where I am and I think it is important to make sure I look up and enjoy not just where I've gotten to, but the journey I am taking. In fact, that is why Project Stimey is back for a third year and why I chose a photo of me grinning to represent it. Because at the heart, that's what Project Stimey is all about: joy—joy in being the person I want to be and joy in doing the things that make me that person.


Per usual, you are welcome to follow along by checking out my race calendar and my mileage log. Not only that, but I want to support you and find out what is going to bring you joy and growth this year. Let me know in the comments so I can cheer you on.


  1. I want to be nicer, happier, healthier and find peace in life. So far so good.

  2. Having a single digit race number is really bad-ass. Plus - don't make me come to Silver Spring and spray paint this on your front door - if you run - AND YOU DO - you are a runner. I don't care if you run 10 miles a month or 100 miles a month. YOU ARE A RUNNER. I'm glad you finally feel like a runner - but you've been a runner for a damn long time. You rock at it, too.

  3. If you are looking for one around Memorial Day, Indianapolis does a mini marathon to coincide with the Indy 500

  4. I am also a strict adherent to the "if you run, you're a runner," belief. My heart if finally believing it now though. I finally have the faith in my body and the comfort in my running that lets me feel like a runner when I'm out on the road or at races.

    And that single digit is made even better by the fact that I was running an 8K and I was #8.

  5. I never knew the Indy 500 had a running race attached. And I've watched it on ABC, the Indy 500.


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