Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter is an Asshole.

I've been trying really hard to not complain about the weather this winter because (1) who wants to hear someone complain about the weather, and (2) I don't live in Boston so I really have no place complaining about the weather.


Last Thursday's snow day was the final straw for me. I'm done. Do you hear that, winter? I. Am. Done.

The other day I asked Sam how he felt about winter because it seemed like he would of course say that it was the worst and I would feel comforted by our agreement on the issue. But he was all, "I love winter. School is canceled all the time and I get to go sledding and I don't care if it's cold."

Now I don't much care for Sam either.

My kids wake up on every school day and, as a matter of course, ask if there is a delay or snow day. At least they tend to sleep in on snow days because they are trying to avoid getting up for what they think is a school day.

Ironically, the only time my kids spent NOT squabbling during Thursday’s snow day was the time they spent hurling chunks of ice at each other.

But for reals. I'm done with the cold. And don't get me started on the thick coating of salt all over the roads and the cars. Putting aside the obvious sensory nightmare, the other day Quinn slipped on the, like, inch-deep layer of salt on a sidewalk and almost cracked his knees. Enough. Also, ironic.

Last Saturday I was at Sam's school for an event and it snowed while I was there and the drive home, which normally takes 20 minutes, took me TWO AND A HALF HOURS. It was brutal.

After two hours I finally made it to my neighborhood, but if you remember, I live at the top of a hill. Pro tip: Don't buy a house at the top of a hill. It took me half an hour to battle my way to the top of said hill. To be fair, that half hour did include the five minutes I spent parked by the side of the road debating whether I should just abandon my car and hoof it home.

I did not. I was not going to let winter beat me. I defeated that hill.

I may have won the Hill Scrimmage in the Last Saturday Snowstorm Battle, but I'm worried that I am going to lost the Winter War.

Tomorrow is the first day of March. It's supposed to sleet or do something equally horrible, right when I'm going to be standing around at an outdoor event.

Please let spring come soon. I'm so done.


  1. Yes, it has been cold but paragraph 5 is still harsh.

  2. You're right. Now I feel bad. Sam is awesome. But he's still wrong about winter.

  3. I am also over winter. We haven't been able to get our state tests done with all of the damn snow days, so the stress level of everyone involved is to the max. On the other hand, I would be absolutely thrilled if we could have snow days through the entire testing window so we didn't have to give the damn tests. Those tests are pure torture for the IEP students I have to give them to.

  4. Amen. Just, amen. I'm in the Midwest and we've had a record cold February. It is a gray bucket of suck here. God help me if we get another robocall any time soon....

  5. We moved to VA this past year- to a county that closes at the sight if a flake. I still work at a school in DC, where they famously said after getting 2 feet of a snow "we will open in time Monday!" Well- that time they did not, they then actually closed the entire week (making them not look too bright). But living in a district that always closes and working in one that never does has posed some definite challenges!!!
    Bring in the sun.

  6. Amen! I moved to North Carolina to get away from winter and we've had eight effing snow days here so far. Eight!!!

  7. And all of them were in the last 2 weeks!

  8. My prediction for peak cherry blossom time in DC? JULY 4.

  9. Couldn't agree more! OVER IT! Bring on the sun.

  10. Favorite part: "Now I don’t much care for Sam either." I cough-snort-laughed.

    One of my favorite things about our house is that it has a flat driveway, and it is on a flat part of our road, and it adjoins a flat road.

  11. i feel ya, sister. dear god do i feel ya.

  12. Jean, you're not the only one who is ready for Spring to arrive. While snow can be fun, ice should be limited to hockey / skating rinks, where it can be properly managed. :)
    I attended a conference at Microsoft Friendship Heights on Saturday 2/21. When I tried to drive home early, the roads were such a sloppy mess that I went around the block, re-parked my car, and attended the rest of the conference.
    On a brighter note, the walk home from metro was beautiful, with plenty of fresh snow.

  13. Oh no! Forced to attend the whole conference. This comment made me laugh. :)

  14. That seems like a big problem. Fortunately, my and Alex's work schedule is such that we've been able to make it work, but I don't know how people without the same kind of flexibility can do it.

  15. That sounds terrible.

  16. Jean, hah! I actually wanted to attend the entire day, and only left early because the snow was really falling, and there were lots of cars on the road. Then, I immediately realized that this wasn't a good idea. The snowplows couldn't get through with all of the cars on the road. Of course.
    So, I drove around the block and re-parked in the garage.
    I'm glad I took metro home, though I had to retrieve my car the next day.


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