Monday, March 30, 2015

A Taste of Spring

The great thing about running a race in Florida in March is that you get to go to Florida in March and it will be warm and happy and also the only time ever that you will be grateful that it is humid.

Seriously, it was awesome.

I was with my friend Heather (of Disney fame) and my friend Lyda (of my trip to run a race in Florida fame) and we stayed at Lyda's family's house on the beach.


I kid. It was wonderful. And there were many exciting things about this particular beach.

Like this jellyfish... (and all the other dead jellyfish strewn all over the beach)

I touched it. Then I felt sad that it was dead.

And these shells...

I didn’t collect any because I didn’t think my kids would want any and when I got home, Quinn was all, “Where are my shells?”

And this crab guy...

He was an anomaly though. I only saw the one.

These adorable birds...

I think some of them are sandpipers, but I don’t remember if the sandpipers are the big ones or the little ones.

And pelicans!

I know this is a terrible photo and this pelican isn’t actually ON the beach, but IT IS A PELICAN AND PELICANS ARE COOL.

This stick family...

It took me WAY longer than it probably should have to draw these stick figures.


I find sand to be very upsetting.

These goofballs...

Hi friends!

All of that great beach stuff happened on Friday. Then on Saturday we had to run nine miles, like saps.

This is before the race. Please to notice our friend Holly who didn’t stay with us, but did run with us.

After the race, we ate everything that we could find in Jacksonville. And I made my friends pose with every weird animal sculpture we encountered.

My friends are good sports.

Sunday was Sightseeing Day, also known as Lyda Faces Her Fears Day. Seriously. We did everything that Lyda found frightening on Sunday.

We started by doing an elevated obstacle/zip line course over an alligator park. Also, it turns out that elevated obstacle courses are vaguely terrifying.

Can you see the terror in my posture? I can. Can you see how relaxed my asshole friends are on their stable platform? I can.

That said, courage is not about not being afraid, but keeping on even when you're scared. 'Round about halfway through the course I got my shit together and transitioned from terror to fun.

You know what is NOT terrifying though? Ziplines.

Holy hell that was fun.

After we finished the "45 minutes to an hour long" obstacle course that took us a good hour and a half to get through, we headed off to tour the alligator farm.

For the record, Lyda isn’t afraid of alligators.

Neither is Heather.

No, the alligator is not real.

The alligators were cool, but I really enjoyed the hayseed tortoise they had there.

It is *great* to be inside my head. I find myself to be extremely amusing.

There is a lighthouse near the alligator park and on our way out, Lyda was all, "Ha, ha, I assume you don't want to climb the lighthouse," and Heather and I immediately replied, "Yes. Yes, we do," which was unfortunate, because Lyda doesn't care for stairs you can see through.

Fifteen floors, friends.

The lighthouse was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I like lighthouses. I think they're neat.

I bought a little wind chime model of this lighthouse. It makes me happy. I also bought some fudge in the gift shop. I don’t know why they had fudge, but who am I to question their logic?

This is me at the top of the lighthouse.

When I got to the top of the lighthouse, I found some tourists talking to a staff member about the efficacy of said lighthouse as a safe place during the zombie apocalypse. I'd found my people. Even if they thought zombies couldn't climb stairs. (They obviously can. They're just not very good at it.)

We left for the airport on Monday at the crack of damn dawn, but it was even kind of worth it because we walked out of the beach house to this amazing scene:

Note: the reality of this photo was about 800 times prettier than this picture.

Then on the plane, I annoyed the hell out of my window seatmate (Heather) by elbowing in front of her to take 17 photos of the sunrise.

That is our trip to Florida. We arrived back in Maryland to what suddenly felt like extremely cold and grim weather. I gotta say, I see the appeal of living in a tropical place. Spring is a-coming to Maryland finally, but it was really nice to get a little preview.

Thanks for putting us up, Lyda, and for suggesting the race. Thanks for putting up with me, Heather. You guys rock. I had a blast.


  1. So you're saying that if I get my butt running, I get to meet cool people, go to the beach, see real alligators, and hang out with you in Florida?

    Where are my shoes?

  2. Yay, trip report! Your trip reports are the funnest. Also hot damn woman, you look so gorgeous and happy in these pics. Except for Sand Face, which is an altogether different kind of glorious.

  3. Yes... this is glorious weather NOW... do not try to run here in Summer. Summer runs many many months...

  4. That is EXACTLY what I am saying. Lace up, friend.

  5. You are my favorite.

  6. Ha! Yes. I think I will avoid Florida in, say, August.

  7. Now I want to visit Florida even more than before. And that was a lot.

  8. Highly recommended.

  9. Good that you had a nice trip.

  10. Found you via Jim Walter's blog. Regarding Florida racing...check out Chimpathon 2015 for an incredible and unique race Including a section through a chimpanzee sanctuary. This year was their first and I am sure they will do again next March.

  11. CHIMPATHON?! That sounds right up my alley.


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