Commute Stories

There is an escalator I go down every time I go to work. Today it wasn’t moving. The reason it wasn’t moving was because there was a woman at the bottom with the hem of her dress stuck in the steps.

Great. Now I have something else to be afraid of.


There is a bank I go to in DC where they always offer you a miniature candy bar when you visit the teller. Today, deep in a yearning for snacks on my way home from work, I think I actually said, “Oh thank God” out loud when the guy passed me a mini-Krackel.


In other escalator news, I have to go down and up this escalator every day that I go to work.

Photo from the bottom of three escalators stretching way up into the distance.

It is the longest set of single span escalators in the Western Hemisphere.

If you just stand on the thing, it takes 2 minutes and 45 seconds to travel from top to bottom or vice versa.

It’s kinda my nemesis.

When I started working, I would walk carefully down, gripping the side rail. Now I jog down. I hope when I inevitably take my fall that I am at least near the bottom.

I’m also working on jogging up the thing, although on Thank God for Krackel Days, I just stand on it. Sometimes I’ll read a chapter of a book as it carries me slowly up. My usual routine is to walk up about 2/3 of it, take a long rest, and then finish.

It’s a whole thing.


This isn’t about my commute, but I realized something the other day. It is almost exactly a year since I started working. I realized something else as well. Ever since I’ve started leaving the house to go to work, I haven’t had any long depressed stretches like I’d gotten used to.

Yeah, it’s been harder to fit in some of the things I want to do and I still don’t have perfect mental health and it turns out that people who have jobs actually DO sometimes get a case of the Mondays, but I’ve discovered that purpose and structure are really good for me.

So, hooray for jobs. And even commutes.

6 thoughts on “Commute Stories

  1. Guess you haven’t been on the London escalators! Even I who absolutely despise stairs was a little nervous. Mostly that they wouldn’t be running when I returned! They go so deep. I think I went down the three longest ever. I finally realized how safe they were as bomb shelters during the blitz. I wasn’t there then but read about them.

  2. Jean, I’m so glad your job has been good for you! And I’m sure they enjoy having you there, too.

  3. I used to have to go to the Bethesda/Medical Center metro and it has a huge escalator. It made me so nervous that I used to take the pee-smelly elevator to avoid it. I developed a thing around escalators when my shoelace got stuck in one in London. So, I am totally with you on the escalator jitters!!!

  4. love. this.

    also love this:

    I think I actually said, “Oh thank God” out loud when the guy passed me a mini-Krackel.


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