Jack’s Culture

Jack had an assignment for world studies to write three sentences about his culture. I don’t have to tell you that we are cultureless buffoons. We also don’t have a religious or ethnic or pretty much any other identity that counts as a “culture.”

I offered some suggestions for what he could write about and he settled on autistic culture. (It was either that or “cat-loving culture.”)

We talked a little bit about autistic culture and he started furiously typing. At some point he stopped and said, “That was inspiring, Mom.”

That kid.

Read on for his take on autistic culture (quoted verbatim and with permission):

“I believe that I have an autistic culture because I am autistic. Part of it is that some autistic people like to work together to make an autistic world better and they share their own unique history. They made this culture so that autistic people would feel safe. The most important part is that they feel accepted and awesome no matter what. Written by Jack on 5/14/15 for 5th period world studies.”

Photo of Jack

12 thoughts on “Jack’s Culture

  1. This is a great explanation, Jack! I can’t wait to show it to my kids, to help them understand it better too. I’m really glad you feel a part of autistic culture.

  2. Thank you Jack, for allowing your thoughts to be published. I felt privileged to read them.

  3. I really enjoyed this, thank you both for sharing such thoughtful and insightful words. I will be showing this to my son!

  4. Thank you for sharing this! Being able to read the thoughts of others helps me see inside my own child who can’t express her thoughts so very well just yet – so these glimpses are just wonderful!

  5. That’s great Jack – I’ll share it with my teenage ASD son too. To feel accepted and awesome are fabulous aims for everyone

  6. Hey there Jack! Autistic culture is alive and growing as we all find out that we are not the only one. Every year I attend autistic summer camp for a long weekend in the company of other peole from our Culture. All ages come, from toddlers to older people like me. I am 53. We have a lot of fun and share our stories with each other. Our group celebrates Autistic culture, not trying to be “normal” or like other people. We know we are here as we are ON PURPOSE. Never give up, never give in. Build a community and make a culture!

  7. my son Jackson is part of the Autistic culture and we love being part of it.

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