Sunday, August 30, 2015



I am writing this the day before I send my kids back to school. We just put them in bed. Alex literally just said to Sam, "You can read 30 minutes of Euclid before you have to turn out your light." I don't understand either of those gentlemen. The other two are discussing Super Mario. Them, I get.

So, school. On the one hand, I am going to miss my kids when they're at school. We had a lot of fun this summer and I've really enjoyed getting mass quantities of time with them. On the other, more important hand, I am going to have two days at home every single week without ANYONE to ask me for stuff, to drag along on errands, or to break up fights between.

I was a little worried about the start of school, especially for Quinn, because about halfway through summer he started dropping to the ground and erupting in sobs anytime I mentioned it, but I spent a couple of weeks supersaturating him in the idea of school in an effort to desensitize him to his distress. It seems to be working. KNOCK ON WOOD.

We did the bulk of our school shopping last week, when I dragged the munchkins to the mall for shoes, pants, and school supplies shopping. In retrospect, it might have been a mistake to try to do everything in one trip.

I posted this photo on Facebook and it turns out that we weren’t the only family to be entirely undone by back-to-school shopping.

Since then, we've been doing things to prepare for tomorrow, but it all really kicked into gear today because we are nothing if not procrastinators. I spent some time with each kid today setting up their binders for school.

Part of this was the important task of decorating said binders, mostly with photos and drawings of cats.

Did I mention that we are procrastinators? We also spent part of the day finishing up summer homework packets.

This is Jack writing about what her learned from his 300-page, adult-level chapter book that he finished last week. Like a boss.

Sharky helped us with our work.

And by “helped,” I mean, “caused as much trouble as possible.”

I also had to complete a project for Quinn. Quinn and I went to visit his school last Thursday to meet his teachers before open house. (We also went back on Friday for open house. See: supersaturation) When we were there, we discovered that both of his teachers are cat people. One of them showed us a photo of her late cat, which she'd made into a magnet.

*bing!* *lightbulb!*

As you may have noticed, Quinn's cats are very comforting to him. Last year I put photos of his cats in his binder. But, for some bizarre reason, Quinn has a locker this year (he's in 5th grade). After seeing his teacher's cat magnet and the metal lockers, one of which he will be assigned, Quinn and I agreed that we'd make magnets of his cats.

Thus began the search for suitable photos, followed by printing, cutting, laminating, cutting, gluing, cutting, and eventually showing Quinn the finished product, which, if I do say so myself, is fucking amazing.

I made a Quinn magnet, so he could be surrounded by his furry buddies.

We've bought lunch food and written down bus route numbers, we've attached emergency house keys to backpacks, and I have bravery M&Ms on standby in case Quinn needs some encouragement to get on the bus.

Let's hope things go well and that the three munchkins have a good start to the school year.



    Thank you. You may have just saved our school year.

  2. Ooohhh. The magnets are awe-some!!!!! Love.that idea. Also, I'm glad to see.that my 6th grader isn't the only one lugging around a binder that weighs as much as he does. Holy holy! I think I need to let him decorate his. He has some fabulous animal and anime sketches. Happy new school year!!!!

  3. That should read, "holy moly". Damn autocorrect.

  4. Forget working in an office! Your next career is custom magnets! They are great!

  5. The magnets are awesome. The photo on Target is viral awesome. And my favorite part is the understated: "I was a little worried about the start of school, especially for Quinn, because about halfway through summer he started dropping to the ground and erupting in sobs anytime I mentioned it."

  6. *in Target. IN Target. Jeepers.

  7. Good stuff, huh? There was more cutting than I'd hoped for though. :)

  8. At first I was all, "It's a BRAND NEW BINDER! Leave it alone," and then I remembered how much I used to enjoy decorating my binder and I let it go.

    That's so cool that he draws anime!

  9. I'll have to charge $20 each based on how much time it took me.

  10. Sometimes understatement is good for the soul. :)

  11. The magnets rock! Also, procrastinators are my kind of people. :-)

  12. Oh, man. That picture of the boys at Target. I was scrolling down as I read your post. So I saw Jack and Sam first and thought "not so bad". Then I scrolled down and saw Quinn. I started laughing so hard. That's usually me after a trip to Target with my kids.


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