Sunday, January 3, 2016


We're all agreed that New Year's resolutions start the first Monday of the new year, right? Like, we weren't supposed to stop eating pints of ice cream in one sitting on Friday, right?

At first, my resolution was going to be Improve All Aspects of My Being All At Once. I was going to get thin, run a marathon, save money, live in a clean house, read all my unread books, get a ton of sleep every night, and be a perfect mom. This seemed like a reasonable and immediately gratifying goal.

But then I decided that it might be more realistic to not expect my life to drastically change with little effort on January 4th. So I came up with three more achievable goals that I can focus on.

My first resolution partly relates to you. I intend to write more this year. I've decided to try to blog twice a week. I miss writing and I miss having a record of my family's doin's, so hopefully you'll see more of me here. This is post #1 for the week. Look at me! I'm accomplishing my resolutions RIGHT NOW!

My second resolution is to turn my digital photos into photo books. I have hundreds of photographs on disc and in the cloud. I am the only one who ever sees them. And frankly, I can't see a future where someone looks through my computer files to enjoy the photos. At one point, I intended to get prints of many of them and then put them in photo albums, like I've done with photos since I was in high school. But then I remembered that there are places that will do this for you. I plan on choosing the best photos from my files and then creating photo books from them. I already made a test one and am happy with the results. And I'll be glad that my family will be able to enjoy the photos more easily.

My third resolution is the hardest to achieve. It's something that I've danced around in previous resolutions but never quite dared to say aloud because if you say it and fail, it is embarrassing and sucks more than just failing. But if you don't say it, you are almost guaranteed to fail. In 2016, I want to significantly change my body shape and lose a noticeable amount of weight. In terms of body health, I am in it for the long game. I am okay with slow change, but I want change. My body is healthy and it is strong, but I'm ready for it to not have to work so hard to do the things I want it to do. I have some big running goals coming up in the next year and if I don't lose weight before I do them, it's going to be harder and I'm going to be slower achieving them. I may fail at this one, but I'm going to make an effort. I have specific plans in place to make this work and Alex is on board with me too. Don't judge me if you see me eating cookies or something though. Rome wasn't built in a day.

All right. I have a few hours before Monday. I'm going to sit around slothfully and eat ice cream during them. And tomorrow I will start making small, realistic changes in hopes of achieving my goals. Let me know what your resolutions are too. Maybe we're doing the same thing. Happy new year!


  1. Good luck, Stimey! I look forward to reading more posts, hearing about your photo book experience (I need to do the same but get distracted while working) and know you will have success in working towards better health and physical transformation. My favorite running expression that applies to life - You've got this!


    **If you want a running buddy, let me know. I'd love to meet up.

  2. I'm excited about more posts. But more to the point, I think your resolutions are very obtainable for you. You have a very strong will and ability to follow through. Have a great year!

  3. I resolve to actually come visit.

  4. Yes to number one! YES to number two!! Ummmmm.....was there a number three??? I can't remember. Oh well. ;)

  5. I think it helps to say resolutions out loud. It makes you feel more accountable and less likely to let yourself off the hook. You already inspire me with the way you tackle the goals that you set for yourself, so I have no doubt that you will go into 2016 with a lot of gumption! Which, by the way, should be the word for the year.

  6. So, we are basically the same person.

  7. This made me laugh out loud as, after months of procrastination, I actually sat down yesterday and created three photo books of my best photos of 2015 for exactly the reasons you describe. I was finally spurred on because of a 50% off sale, making them just about affordable.
    Good luck with all your resolutions. I plan to do much the same (without the running) although the diet starts only after I've eaten all the Christmas chocolates and biscuits and left overs, which could be a little while yet.

  8. I started Monday too - there's no way I was ruining the weekend with resolutions. Plus I had shed loads of leftover chocolate to get through! I'm with you on the not making too many big changes at once. I'm concentrating on fitness and not so much on diet. I figure if I can manage to add some workouts to my week then the fact that my diet was less than stellar should not detract from that. Good luck with your goals - I think you'll get there. And 'yay' to more posts - I like reading about team Stimey!

  9. Those sound like great goals. I'm with you on the weight loss one, it has been creeping up on me. Step 1 is the hardest, deciding to make a change, and not getting foiled by the reptile brain that can't say no to desserts and chocolate.

  10. I am happy to hear that you will be writing more. And you are encouraging me to make some sort of race plan - I'm thinking either a 12k or a mini triathlon in a few months. Great goals!


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