The Ellebobarkianda

I would like to introduce you to Quinn’s newest creation, the ellebobarkianda:

Photo of a colorful painted picture that Quinn drew. It is an underwater scene featuring some very abstract things, like weird swimmy animals and a "cat submarine" and corals and on the surface, a boat with someone fishing.

Posted with the permission of the artist.

I should explain. I mean, obviously there is a Cat Submarine with Oreo inside. And that might be Quinn up there in the boat. That creature there in the middle is the ellebobarkianda.

See, it is part gazelle (“elle,” the horns), part bobcat (“bob,” the head), part shark (“ark,” the body), part scorpion (“ian”—misspelled, the stinger), and part red panda (“da,” the tail).

I’m not sure what the assignment was, but I’m pretty sure Quinn nailed it.

I asked Quinn if I could post his picture on my blog and he not only said yes, but insisted that I also post his cat gargoyle picture. So:

Black and white line drawing of, well, a cat gargoyle.

The cat gargoyle—or catgoyle.

He wanted me to have you rate his art on a scale of one to ten, but he agreed when I told him that it really probably isn’t a good idea to ask the internet to assign you a number for your worth, so mere exclamations of, “THAT IS THE BEST DRAWING OF AN ELLEBOBARKIANDA THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN!” will be fine.

16 thoughts on “The Ellebobarkianda


    Those are some great pictures! The details are very impressive!!

    I can’t decide if my favorite is the Ellebobarkianda or the catgoyle.

    Has Quinn checked out the gargoyles at the National Cathedral?

  2. My favorite parts of the Ellebobarkianda are the face and the panda tail. Those parts have especially great details! I like how colorful the picture is too.

  3. Awesome painting, Quinn! Not only is it a fantastic picture of an Ellebobarkianda, but I really love how you came up with the name.

  4. FANTASTIC! Really AMAZING. I LOVE the ellebobarkianda! What imagination and intelligence that required. And I’m glad you published the great catgoyle, too. Looking forward to seeing more from Quinn.

  5. Quinn, excellent work! :) Wow!
    OK, while I’m not qualified to rate artwork, those cat faces are beautiful, and the overall composition is very creative.
    If the medium was watercolor, then it’s even more impressive! Do you know how difficult watercolor is?

  6. Fantastic drawing and painting. There is a future in visual art for that boy! Helps to have a great imagination.
    Keep up the drawing, practice every day! Try drawing or painting with your “wrong” hand, too. It will use a different part of your brain, and will be better at some kinds of art. My right hand is better at writing and small, precise details, but my left hand is better at shapes and outlines.

  7. Quinn —

    You are a very talented artist!! I LOVE your ellebobarkianda! It is a truly wonderful creature. Your sense of color and imagination are extraordinary. Please keep posting your artwork. I can’t wait to see what you will do in the future.

  8. I echo the other sentiments! 10 out of10.


    Wonderful art, and both would make fantastic illustrations for books.

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