WaaahunghblechWORST :)

I have all the depression about my running injury. I had been working hard in physical therapy and was slowly bringing my running up to a level where I was starting to do the long runs necessary to run my 20-mile race next month.


Suddenly I have this sharp pain like someone is jabbing me in the upper hip every time my heel strikes the ground when I run. Literally nothing else I do creates that delightful jabbing, stabbing sensation—just the one thing I want to do.

I am super agitated about the whole thing.

I am continuing with PT and seeing my orthopedist on Tuesday. I’m hoping he’ll give me a cortisone shot—and, yes, I know that pain signifies something wrong and blah, blah, blah, but I just want the stabbing jabbing to cease so I can fucking run again and I am hoping that the doctor agrees with me that a big ol’ shot to the hip is the way to go.

So. I’m writing this not to get sympathy and not to make excuses and most certainly not to get advice. I am writing it because every time I think about it (read: every time I take a step, ow, ow, ow) I get sad and even more depressed.

I decided that my kids should bear the responsibility for lifting me out of my doldrums, so when I left for work today, I gave them their drawing assignment: “Something happy. Draw good.”

I’m pleased to report that they did, in fact, draw good, and in case you are in your own personal small emotional divot, I would like to share them for you.

Jack went the obvious route and drew “The King of Happy.”

A drawing of a green hill with a blue sky and a sun. Behind the hill is an orange ball with spiky hair and a kinda manaical smile.

I really enjoy the inside of Jack’s brain.

Quinn drew—as he almost always does—his cat, Oreo, but this time he made Oreo play Pokemon Go.

Drawing of green grass and a blue sky with his cat Oreo drawn in pencil and holding a rectangle that says "Pokemon Go."

Cats and Pokemon make me happy too.

Sam went simple, but lovely.

Drawing of concentric hearts in rainbow colors.

I asked Sam what his picture was about and he said, “Love.”

Love makes me happy too, Sam.

So, yeah, I’m still bummed out, but I have a plan and, more importantly, I have three kids who help me keep my eye on the happy things.

9 thoughts on “WaaahunghblechWORST :)

  1. Ugh. So frustrating. I had similar sharp hip pain running several years ago. It turned out it wasn’t serious- just felt like it. Someone saw me limping and asked what was up. When I told her she advised hip flexor stretches. I was really dubious but it worked! Sometimes I’d have to keep stopping mid run and street hit some more, but I was able to get right back on the road… Worth a shot I guess, yes? Fingers crossed all’s healed soon…

    • This is really encouraging. I’ve added hip flexor stretches. They feel great. Thank you!

  2. We have to get together so Andy can play Pokemon Go with you guys. And trade cat pictures. I’m still fighting with my heel (damn you, plantar fascia!) so I can’t walk around the neighborhood with him. So he has to ride with me in the nice, air-conditioned car. ;)

  3. Jean, first, love your kids’ artwork!
    Second, great that you’re getting PT! While you don’t want advice, I’ll mention something that might be useful — or, not. Anyway, I have an old knee injury from landing on my kneecap while running [broken sidewalk]. Years later, I still had pain on that side; orthopedist said it was patella-femoral syndrome [knee pain :) ]. Only an MRI showed a partially torn ACL, which thankfully didn’t require surgery. My knee still hurts often, but doing the exercises helps strengthen it.
    Now, I also had hip pain, which I attributed to hopping on crutches. The physical therapist used a giant foam roller to break up something – adhesions? That helped a LOT.
    Hope you’re back running soon.

    • I’m using a tennis ball to roll it out. It’s a little more specific targeting, recommended by my PT. PTs can fix anything!

  4. Also try new shoes. I always know it is time for new shoes when my old knee injury starts to hurt. Running has vastly improved my knee over the years.
    Great drawings.

  5. Can you run barefoot? Most people instinctively run differently when barefoot than when wearing shoes – putting less force on the heel because the shoe isn’t protecting it. It might be more comfortable for you.

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