Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Word On Nomenclature

As you may know, oftentimes transgender people choose to change their names even if they have a perfectly cromulent, mostly gender neutral name like Sam.

You may see where I am going with this.

For a while now, some of us have been calling her by the name she has chosen, but she recently came out with that name to her teachers and many other people in her life, so this will serve as notice that the artist formerly known as Sam will now be referred to exclusively by her chosen name of Katherine or Katie or Kat or even Kitkat if you are feeling particularly whimsical.

Introducing Katie, now with blue hair.


  1. Katie it is. Although it may be difficult to reamember for awhile. ❤️

  2. As I am frequently whimsical, KitKat will be the one :)

  3. Greetings, Katie! Diggin' the blue hair.

  4. Hi Katie! Beautiful hair! Also I now realize that I've been using the word cromulent wrongly.

  5. Remind her that you may sometimes forget, especially when stresses. My bonus daughter has been Dana Michelle for almost 10 years, but when she gets bratty, Michael Daniel is still what comes out of my mouth!

  6. Well, I don't know the word cromulent. Sigh. With that said, ...
    Katie, I suggest that you choose one or two names that you like best. Katherine seems rather formal, and Katie / Kat / Kitkat seem more informal / cheerful / fun. {tbh, I'm not fond of Kitkat as a name. I am older. :) }
    My given name is Karen, which is a Scandinavian version of Katherine. I occasionally wanted to be called Kate, because of Katherine Hepburn. Obviously.
    Anyway, you might find it easier to have just one or two names. :)

  7. Much love to you and Katie!

  8. Your family just sounds lovely. I learned a lot about autism from reading your blog in the past, and your posts about Katie's transition are just as informative and warm and normal (meant in a very positive sense!), and I hope others are benefitting from reading about it too.

  9. I always thought it would be so fun to have a name like Katherine or Elizabeth that you can make so many other names out of. Good choice!


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