Thursday, January 17, 2019

Estoy Aprendiendo

I am trying to learn how to speak Spanish. One thing I really regret in life is not continuing with the Spanish classes I started in junior high. Whenever I see bilingual people, I am incredibly jealous. Anyone who can speak two languages is like a miracle to me. Plus, Spanish is so useful. And two of my kids are learning it so I figure it can be like a fun secret language that we use to exclude Alex and Katie.

I am using a combination of Rocket Spanish and Duolingo and a workbook I bought off of Amazon because I like filling out worksheets.

I started over the summer, getting several lessons in before I got really busy and it kinda fell to the side.  Also, I started getting to lessons that passed my retained knowledge, so it was getting a lot harder.

But! I really want to learn, so I made it one of my new year resolutions to do at least three lessons/study sessions a week. I even made a chart.

Photo of a multicolored chart of every week of the year, each with three empty checkboxes next to them
Because if I love filling out worksheets, you know I love me a good chart.
I am not totally succeeding, but I have done at least a couple sessions each week so far and I am determined to continue. Plus, my flashcard pile is growing quite large.

I am telling you all of this because I want to post a screenshot from Duolingo that showed up when I was practicing last summer and it is the best and most me thing that could ever be. I would have made it my Facebook profile picture but for the fact that people would be all, "But you don't speak Spanish, asshole."

Screenshot showing a cartoon zombie who seems to be making a rock'n'roll gesture with his fingers and the words Yo hablo español, under which I have correctly interpreted it as "I speak Spanish."
Español zombie says "ROCK'N'ROLL!!!!"
How completely weird is that? (Answer: SO weird. Go home, Duolingo, you're drunk.)

Someday, maybe once my chart above is full of check marks, I will finally profile pic this guy. Until then, he will live on my computer desktop and charm me every damn day.

¡Hasta la próxima vez!


  1. Jean, Happy New Year!

    Learning Spanish sounds both practical and fun. I'm considering the Babbel app. I'd like to learn Spanish, and possibly re-learn the French that I studied [ahem] many years ago. The latter won't be very practical, as I don't plan to travel to France or Canada.

    I love the Project CROW concept! Your reasons for blogging have likely changed since your kids / now nearly young adults were younger. So, it makes sense to adopt a new blogging project! :)

    I have good intentions to start a fitness program, and just haven't done it. So, a big fan of setting goals.

    -Karen G

    1. Hi Karen! I've never used Babbel, but I'm always hearing about it on NPR. :) It's good to hear from you!


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