Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Spring is really here I think. I really hope so because after lunch today I packed away my winter coats, put Quinn's coat in the future garage sale pile, and put Sam and Jack's coats in the dry cleaner basket for their yearly (!) cleaning. If it snows again (or dips below 50 degrees, for that matter), we're shit out of luck. Because we all know that once I put something in a box I am far too lazy to dig it out again before at least 6 months have passed.

I am also aware of Spring's arrival because Sam's allergies are back. Last year I was convinced that he had asthma and was going to drop dead any second because occasionally (and by occasionally I mean, every 4 seconds or so) he inhales a giant breath because his regular breathing is clearly not doing enough. And although I am now aware that it is allergies, I am still afraid that he is going to drop dead any second. I started giving him Claritan last night. About 15 minutes after he ate it, he informed me that it hadn't worked yet. Spoken like a true Stimey. Patience is a what now?

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