Monday, March 26, 2007

Stimey the Rocket Scientist

So sometime after dinner last night I noticed that one of my ears felt blocked, like when you hit high altitude. Yawning, hanging my head upside down, and finally as a last resort plugging my nose and trying to explode my eardrums from the inside didn't work. This morning when I woke up both ears felt that way.

I spent the morning co-oping in Sam's class at school. Which is not super fun when you feel like you are the only person talking from an airplane seat. Made worse by the fact that 4- and 5-year-olds don't necessarily enunciate for the slightly deafened to hear and understand. Made even worse by the fact that today is the day the Reptile Man made his annual trip to the school. So a slightly nauseated, deaf, and off-balance Stimey spent the morning standing up and sitting down repeatedly to squeeze Purell hand sanitizer into small hands immediately after they touched each reptile.

Here's the rocket scientist part.

I begged my doctor for an appointment to fix my ears and dragged my three small children there after school. Jack ripped part of a plant out of the pot and brought it to me while I was paying my copay saying, "A tree!" Then he kicked an elderly woman in the leg while goose-stepping around the waiting room. Quinn explained about crayons ("Crayon! Crayon!") to every person in the waiting room, and Sam quietly colored. (Don't fall too in love with him. He spit on the floor and then claimed he didn't when we were leaving the building.)

Anyway, first thing the doctor says: "Have you tried an over-the-counter decongestant?" Like I said, I'm a rocket scientist.

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