Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Faster Than a Wonder Pet!

Last year for Halloween Jack was Tuck the Turtle from The Wonder Pets. Not everyone got it, but those who did, loved the outfit. We got a Wonder Pets cape for him, which all of the kids fell in love with. Especially Quinn. There were bunches of fights over over the cape, so for Christmas, Santa Claus got two similar capes for Sam and Quinn. Sam got a Superman cape because he loves Superman and Quinn got a Batman cape because Batman rocks.

On Christmas, Sam was speeding around the house wearing the cape. We yelled, "Faster than a speeding bullet!" And the next time Sam ran through the living room, he passed Jack in his Wonder Pets cape and yelled, "Faster than a Wonder Pet!" Quinn wore the Batman cape for, like, a second, and everyone refused to wear it from that point on. There are still fights over the Wonder Pets cape, with Quinn demanding it as often as he can. ("Wontha wets!")

Today when Quinn was wearing the Wonder Pets cape and Sam was wearing the Superman cape, Jack kept trying to mug Quinn for the coveted red cape. At which time I had a shot of inspiration. "Who wants to wear the Captain Hook cape?" I asked. Jack lit up and the Batman cape was suddenly in vogue.

Below you will see Quinn the Wontha wet, Superman, Captain Hook, and Cassidy the Doodle Dog (cape not required, although she has certainly worn them in the past).

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