Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finally, a Success!

Today was our field trip to a plant nursery. Remember? With all three kids in tow? It wasn't too bad. The actual field trip was pretty cool. All the kids got to plant pansies and take them home.

There was fun with dirt and gravel and water. Sam got to take a friend and the teacher in the car with him, so he was totally happy. The very nice teacher, who got a little taste of what life will be like when Jack is in her class next year forced Jack to fold his arms and not touch things. I strapped Quinn down in his stroller. All was well.

And then we got to our planting station and I pretty much had to let Quinn out. He liked the flowers a lot. And he liked the gravel a lot. And he liked to throw the gravel at the flowers. Which I don't think is precisely what flowers need. Once he found a giant, empty pot that he could put gravel in to his heart's delight, all was well.

Jack also loved the gravel, but was coerced into planting a flower. He loved watering it too. Again and again and again. Then he found the buckets, one full of soapy water, one of clear water, for hand-washing. And then I was able to relax. Quinn played with the gravel and a bucket. Jack played with the water and two buckets. Sam did his I'm-a-perfectly-well-behaved-child thing that he does every once in a while. I ignored the children that kept reporting to me that, "Sam's Mom! Sam's Mom! Jack is playing in the water!"

When we got back to school, Jack hung out with us in Sam's class. At the end of the day, totally unprompted, he walked up to me and said "I had a good time." (Violins play, birds sing, my heart glows...)

And no plants were injured. (Mostly. Quinn did rip a couple of petals off. He's a fast little dude.)

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