Thursday, April 26, 2007

Growing Up

This morning we went to Sam's kindergarten orientation. I have to be honest, I'm not sure I'm ready for Sam to go to kindergarten for many reasons, one of which is that until recently I was not sure if it was spelled "kindergarten" or "kindergarden". I know. It's totally awesome how smart I am.

Orientation went pretty well. I liked the classrooms, and each room had its own bathroom. All the teachers seemed nice and Sam seemed happy to be there. Each class starts the year with only fifteen kids, which is good, and they seem open to parents volunteering in the classroom. They play outside a couple times a day and they get a snack in the afternoon. All in all, for sending my eldest son to the wolf-filled forest that I imagine public school to be, it looks like it'll be okay.

Sam planted a pumpkin seed to take home and read 18 out of the 25 sight words they gave him. He was able to draw a picture of himself, write his full name, count, and identify the letters. (Apparently this comes from Alex's side of the family. See above.)

I guess the thing is that Sam still seems so small. He's tall and he'll be six in October, which will make him one of the older kids in the class, but he still seems so damn little. They gave him a cookie before he left, so we were standing out watching the (big) kids on the playground and Sam, my child, my guy who seemed so big until this morning, stood there with chocolate cookie crumbs on his face blowing dandelions into the wind.

I love his innocence and I know that innocence is fragile. I also know that to survive he has to outgrow it. But it is beautiful to see and pops up here and there when you least expect it. This morning it was evident in a smattering of food around his lips. I wonder where I'll see it tomorrow?

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