Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Little Picasso

Sam is starting to draw some amazing pictures these days. He didn't really start drawing anything recognizable until this school year, but he has made these amazing leaps and bounds. His teacher at school has all the kids in the class draw a picture of themselves at the beginning of each month and puts them all together so you can see their progress. It is literally my favorite part of the class.

He still has a tough time pulling pictures out of his imagination to put on paper. He'll sometimes have me draw a picture of something for him and then he'll create his own interpretation of my drawing. But his ability is growing, and so is his confidence. I caught him drawing this picture this morning:

I exclaimed so excitedly, "Oh my God, Sam, I LOVE it!" because I really, really do. And he responded, so casually and matter of factly, "I'm a great artist."

Dear God, I love that boy. (It's a self-portrait by the way.)


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