Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I don't know if you're aware of this, but I have three kids.

I stay at home with them all day every day and consider it my full-time job. However, I have a couple of other part-time jobs that I do, including a new videography business that I've been working on gettting off the ground. (We can discuss the wisdom of all these jobs another time, that's not my point.)

My point is that I have a client/consultant who is pushing me to market myself and network in order to drum up business, and thank God he is, because although I know lots about putting together effective and creative DVD projects, I don't know a lot about business. Or marketing.

Tonight I went to a "networking event." Of course the whole point of this type of event is to walk up to people you don't know, strike up a conversation, and sell yourself. Hmmm. Zero out of three ain't bad. Oh, wait, yes it is.

See, I'm used to hanging out with moms that largely stay home with their kids. Now with these women, if I need an opening, I have one: it's three feet tall and standing right in front of me. We do talk about non-mom things, but I know I have a common reference and I definitely don't have to sell myself.

I can't think of many more stressful situations for me personally than networking. I have summarily dismissed careers from my realm of possibility for the sole reason that they require schmoozing. I just can't do it. But tonight I sucked it up, put on a smile and entered conversations right and left. Or at least left. I'm not going to say it was fun, but it was enlightening, and hopefully it gets easier with practice.


  1. Hey Stimey, have you joined the Enterprising Moms yahoogroup? There are tons of work-at-home moms with part-time businesses on that group, and they have once-a-month get-togethers to discuss marketing strategies, etc. Might be useful....

    Good for you for going last night! I know it's SO hard to market yourself. Feels like bragging, and we're just not used to that! Would love to hear more at a playdate or something sometime!

  2. Stimey,

    Found you on Blogger via the "Videography" filter.

    Stay at home mom or not, networking, or at least getting started with it is hard for most of us. So stay with it, 'cause it only gets better in time.

    Give out a positive energy when you meet people you want to do business with and soon enough you'll find people gravitating towards you.

    On the subject of your new business, you might want to check out:

    This is a brand new website we've started My personal website on ExposureRoom is:
    Shiv's ExposureRoom Website

    I've also only just started down the videography path. It's a hobby for me and I enjoy it tremendously. It's very different from my job (which I enjoy tremendously as well) which is highly technical.

    Take care.

  3. Stimey,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I hope you enjoy what you see on ExposureRoom.

    Let's hear about how you got started down this road and let's see some of your videos.

    What camera do you use?
    What editing software do you use?


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