Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Notes from Midday

Wow! Quinn is napping! For the past four months or so, Quinn has refused to nap for me when I try to lay him down, preferring to scream loudly for as long as I leave him in his crib. Infuriatingly, he WILL nap whenever Alex lays him down on the weekends. Alex's theory is that he likes me more so doesn't want to be separated from me, but is indifferent to being separated from Daddy. I don't agree.

I think Alex has magical powers.

So today, I very carefully imitated what Alex does for naptime and voila, he is quietly in his room, and I think he may actually be asleep! Yay!

Perhaps this public shout out to Alex will make him forgive me for allowing the kids to play an extremely vigorous and dangerous game of Kamikaze! earlier today. Kamikaze! involves putting lots of pillows on the floor in the living room and hurling yourself off the couch onto them. Or if you're Quinn, rolling yourself headfirst over the arm of the couch and missing the pillows completely.

I sort of feel that if Alex saw what I let them do during the day that he would divorce me immediately. [Hi, Alex!]

But, as for now, Sam and Jack are quietly playing in the living room (unsupervised Kamikaze! is strictly not allowed) and Quinn is nestled in his crib, and I get to play on my computer! Hooray!

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