Friday, April 13, 2007

Sam the Sage

Words of wisdom from my eldest son on our recent trip to Target to pick up a prescription. And some Cheetos.

"But the ones on the ground taste really good." This in response to a couple of the aforementioned Cheetos that had fallen on the floor of Target. Now, if you know me, you know I'm not a stickler about food that fell on the floor, but Target? C'mon. Of course, now I'm going to out my mother, who last winter fed tiny, innocent Quinn a piece of cookie that he'd dropped on the ground in a PARKING LOT.

"Hola!" This he interjected into someone else's conversation because, "I heard them speaking Spanish, so I thought I'd say, Hola!" The fortunately nice group of people he interrupted were all very nice and chorused, "Hola!" right back at him.

"They're crazy! They thought it was Greenbell, but it's Tinkerbell!" Sam, who apparently eavesdrops a lot, had just seen a display with Tinkerbell on it, so when a group of employees walked by talking about the Greenbelt store, Sam made sure to loudly alert them of their insanity. Their insanity. Not his.

And upon seeing a display of the little cups of cookies he, Jack, and Quinn got in their Easter baskets: "Maybe the Easter Bunny shops at Target!" The man standing next to us had to leave so Sam wouldn't hear how loud he was laughing.


  1. Now everyone knows what a great grandmother I am! But everything else is, as usual, wonderful.

  2. Had to comment back on this one: A few years back, HRH pulled the same thing to a couple of Spanish speaking Target employees having a conversation - he started counting in Spanish - uno, dos, tres...They cracked up.


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