Monday, April 2, 2007

So Happy Together!

I was raised in a family of two children so I have no concept of the middle child. Jack, however, is mired deep in the muck of it. Sam and Quinn are buddies. Sam and Jack are buddies, Quinn thinks he and Jack are buddies, and Jack is barely aware that Quinn walks the earth.

Until recently.

Jack has just started this thing where he grabs the back of Quinn's collar when Quinn is walking away, announcing very proudly, "I've got her!" He's also started lying on top of him. And pushing him. And doing some hitting of him. (All followed by "No pushing!", "No hitting!", or whatever ironic statement matches his current actions.)

So I am thrilled on the occasions when I find the two of them playing together. It's started to happen a little here and there. The other day they spent a good half hour together playing, and laughing hysterically. It looks like Jack may finally be welcoming Quinn to the team!

Of course the activity they were engaged in was throwing bird seed from under the bird feeder at each other. I knew I should stop them from throwing it at each other, but they were laughing so hard I just couldn't. (I know this is mere steps away from, "I knew they shouldn't have been practicing knife throwing on each other, but they were getting so good at it," but I never claimed to be mother of the year.) I later caught Quinn eating the used bird seed that surely has a nice coating of squirrel and bird poop.

Here they are catching the hantavirus:

And here they are contracting the avian flu:

Here they are engaging in a more wholesome activity:

Hopefully Jack will eventually realize that even though he alone may have to compete with both his brothers, that means that he will always have a brother in school with him. He'll always have someone to look out for him and someone to look after. And he'll always have a littler guy to victimize after Sam beats the hell out of him.

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