Monday, May 21, 2007


After my recent diatribe about Montgomery County's poor tree-cutting abilities, I felt I needed to send a shout-out to the kick-ass garbage collection folks.

After our yard sale, we left a few items on the sidewalk hoping passers-by would take them. They did not. These items were a couch, a queen-size mattress, and a toilet. I know, I know, classy. The class factor was only upped by the three disheveled children using said items as a makeshift trampoline. We were planning to try to get them to the dump by Tuesday or so, before our neighbors started leaving angry notes on our door.

But we didn't have to because our garbage people rock the free world. They took all three giant items. How awesome are they? I know I just complimented the county on their free dump as compared to Oakland, California, but really, O-Town should send some sanitation officials out this way to do some learnin'. Because there, if your flattened, bound cardboard is an inch or two bigger than the size they allow, they won't take it AND they'll leave you a note telling you why.

So, really, kudos on a job well done.

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  1. In a similar spirit of appreciation,when we lived in the Bay (Whitefish Bay, not San Francisco), we used to leave 6-packs of beer for the garbage guys.


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