Friday, May 11, 2007

Mommy Guilt Beats Terror

I killed Sam's captive caterpillar today. Or maybe yesterday. I'm not really sure when the actually death occurred, but now that I think about it, Sam had been mentioning, "My caterpillar's not moving," repeatedly and with increasing urgency since last night.

See, I didn't know that caterpillars in jars don't need water. I assumed that they would enjoy a nice little drink after a hearty meal of leaf. So, yeah, Stimey—Mother of the Year, by the way—drowned the little dude. And because I'm paralyzed with fear at the thought of touching a caterpillar, I couldn't just dump it out and find him a new one. So I 'fessed up.

He was sad. He didn't insist on a funeral, but I think that's only because he doesn't know that they exist. He was going to put the small corpse under a tree, but then worried that a bird would get him. (Did I mention that this little incident totally qualifies me for Mother of the Year?) He finally laid him to rest in some tall grass under our slide.

After school today we were playing on the playground and Sam found a new caterpillar in the woodchips. He instantly bonded with the creepy-crawly and asked if he could bring it home. The only problem is that we didn't have a jar to put him in. And all I could think was that Sam was gonna drop this furry worm in the car, not be able to find him, and I would locate him later that day in my hair.

I'd like to share that although I really enjoy the word "caterpillar", especially the way I say it in my mind: cat-er-pill-ar, I am totally freaked out by them. One time Alex and I almost crashed a car after we found one on his leg. When Sam sat down next to me to show him Caterpillar II, I almost fell off the end of the bench trying to get away from it.

But I'd killed Caterpillar I so I was going to seem doubly mean if I said no. So I sucked it up. I found him a cereal bar box and made him promise to hold it closed. I told him that if the caterpillar got out of the box, then he wasn't allowed out of the car until he found it. I nearly lost it when Sam left the box unattended for 15 seconds to put on his seat belt. (Mother of the Year, right? Maybe he shouldn't have buckled up.)

But we all made it home, Caterpillar II is in his jar (alive), I know not to water the thing, and I am: Mother of the Year!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, Stimey!


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