Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Benefits of Actually Listening to My Children

So often I make plans for the family without consulting the kids. When Sam is in school, I decide if we're going to have a friend over to play with Jack, go to someone's house, or find an activity. Then, if Jack wants to do something else, I oftentimes have to say no because we're already booked.

Today while we were dropping Sam at school, Jack asked to go to the library. I'm ashamed to say we don't go to the library very often (we have something close to a million and six books at home, so we sort of function as our own little library) so I was surprised that Jack pulled that out of nowhere. Also, Jack doesn't ask for things very often, and, until recently, didn't ask at all. I don't think it was in his personality to ask for things, plus Sam is ALWAYS asking for something so I think he figured that the thing he wanted would eventually make its way to him regardless of whether he asked for it or not.

And although I may later regret encouraging Jack to ask for things, I'm trying to empower him as well as reinforce the concept that it's good to speak up for what you want and need. And no one was waiting for us anywhere, so off we went to the library.

And how totally awesome that we did. We spent an hour and a half at the one-room children's library near us reading books, playing trains, and putting little men in jail in the play castle there. Jack shared with other kids. Quinn shared with other kids. (Unheard of!) Jack made eye contact. Quinn giggled hysterically at every book he could find that had a dog in it. I checked out something like nine books, including one of my favorites from childhood: The Mouse and the Motorcycle. No one cried, no one was bored, we had some good, solid, quality time on the floor together.

Way to go, Jack.


  1. Way to go Jack!
    Way to go Stimey!!

  2. A memory to cherish. Y.M.


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