Friday, June 8, 2007

Kindergarten, Here He Comes!

Aside from the fact that Sam will be returning to his preschool for four weeks of camp over the summer, Sam is an official graduate! Here he is getting his diploma:

Sam's nana came all the way from Texas for the graduation (and for a couple more weeks of grandkid-fun) and Alex took the morning off work to attend the ceremony. Picture 14 more Sams (and Samanthas) all lined up in their mortarboard (or posterboard) caps, marching into a room full of proud relatives to regulation graduation music. The teacher said something personal and nice about each child (Sam is apparently really good at raising his hand and waiting to be called on), and then they all mumble-sang some delightful songs.

Then we ate cake.

Sam had a similar ceremony last year because he was in a 4s class then as was about half of his current class. They were the last batch of fall birthday kids who were allowed to enter the school ahead of their year. Hence, the double graduation. But since this year it actually meant something we headed out to The Cheesecake Factory for a celebratory lunch.

For the sake of posterity I will omit the screaming, cajoling, and bribing that took place between leaving the school—where all of Sam's friends were playing on the playground—and arriving at the mall—where there was food, but no friends.

Fortunately this mall does not only house cheesecake, but also a small train that circles the bottom floor of the mall for a mere dollar a child. This made the 30-minute wait all the better. And once you add in a trip to the bathroom in a different restaurant near the train, we arrived back at The Factory just in time for a table. At lunch my mom gave Sam a copy of Yay, You!, which I highly recommend as a gift for any graduate. Especially the preschool variety. It's already a favorite at our house.

Sam wore his hat into the mall, resulting in a lot of attention and kudos on graduating from strangers. It was fun to see him go from "How do they know I graduated?" to "I'm the graduation man," in a mere 22 minutes. Give Sam 22 minutes and he'll give you an ego.

Here's to many more, my big guy!

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