Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bits & Pieces

Sam: "America is the one that holds all the battles."

Me: "That's very astute of you, Sam."


Yesterday, Quinn thanked me for changing his diaper. (Somehow he's absorbed all the manners lessons my other kids have ignored.) And then, even though he hadn't, he said, "I pooped! Good job, Quinn!"


Harry Potter mania is everywhere in my house. Sam, seemingly picking up on the wizardry in the air, started asking about Harry Potter last week. And I can't remember ever mentioning it to him before. He asked a lot of questions ("Are there battles? Between the witches and wizards? Are there bad guys?"), thought about it overnight, and decided he was interested in joining the phenomenon. I've started reading him a chapter or two a day, starting with The Sorcerer's Stone. Today Quinn saw the book and started chanting, "Harry Potter! Harry Potter!" Seriously. He's two.


My Walk Score is 60. What's yours? Although this website listed Orange Julius as a bar, so its information may not be that reliable. Thanks, Unclutterer.


Quinn is very into time outs. He put himself in one this morning; I'm not sure for what. Then when I put Sam in time out for repeatedly whacking at Quinn with a foam item, Quinn joined him. (I know, I'm always blaming the victim.) And, then, when I meant to playfully fling Quinn around and instead bonked him on the nose, making him cry (Worst. Mommy. Ever.), he said, "Mean. Time Out." So I went and sat on the steps. Yep, that's right, my two-year-old put me in time out today.


Quinn is badly losing the "Labels Race" to Sam and Jack. But he's kicking the shit out of Alex.


  1. Hmmmmm...
    My walk score was 0 out of 100. And yet, today, I walked 5 miles along the beach soaking up the sun, the sand and the surf...this is a 0? Oh, I see, I wasn't close enough to the "Curves" or the "Subway". Now I get it.



  2. It sounds like your walk score might actually be a 100.

  3. Congrats to Alex for being featured in more posts that poop! You are moving up in the world, my friend.

    But seriously, that made me laugh for quite a long time.


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